Hack Your IKEA Trash Can With This Genius Patio Planter DIY

Repotting plants in new planters allows them to grow larger, giving their roots more room to expand. But, finding tall, spacious planters on a budget can be challenging. Or, you might also want them to complement your home's interior if you plan to bring your plants indoors. Instead of overspending on pots, you can try this IKEA trash can hack. TikTok user @occassionofjoy used FNISS trash cans from the Swedish retailer to repot her plants and elevate her space.

Each trash can costs $2 and is the perfect size for any plant or tree. In addition, the trash can holds up to 3 gallons of waste, so it's strong enough to hold heavy soil and keep your plant in place without tipping over. This TikToker simply added a few holes to the bottom to create a draining system for the water.  Plus, the trash cans are available in two different colors: black and white. To complete this project, you'll need the IKEA FNISS trash can, a drill gun, extra potting soil, water, and your plant.

Transforming your trash can into a plant holding treasure

Start by gathering your materials and taking them outside where you can easily repot your plants. Once your materials are set up, drill six to seven holes at the trash can's bottom. Evenly space out the holes so the water can properly drain without clogging any areas. Then, repot your plants. Loosen up the soil in your plant's current pot by removing some of the soil on the surface. Lift the plant by the base, remove it from the container, and place it in the trash can. Next, fill the new pot with the soil you removed and any extra soil it might need. Finally, water your plant and allow the excess water to drain from the bottom. Repeat the steps if you bought multiple trash cans, and place your new pots in your home or around your backyard.

If you have a plant that has trouble standing up straight on its own, insert a metal or wooden pole into the soil. Tie your plant's stem to the stake with zip ties or string to help balance it. On the other hand, give your short plants some height by stacking two trash cans. Turn one can upside down and stack another on top right side up, gluing the bottoms together. You'll have a tall, statement-making planter at a fraction of the price.