Use This Trick To Keep Mosquitoes At Bay When Hosting Backyard Get-Togethers

Sitting and relaxing in your backyard is a great way to spend a cool late summer or autumn evening. It's even better if you've created a DIY fire pit in the backyard, allowing you to enjoy a little extra warmth as temperatures fall. It may feel like the only thing that can ruin your serenity is a pesky insect. If mosquitoes are making it difficult for you to enjoy your time outdoors, you can use the fire pit for more than just warmth. Burning certain types of wood can help — red cedar wood, especially if it includes the bark, is one of the easiest types of wood to source. Another type of firewood that can help to repel mosquitoes is pinyon, although this option is not readily available in all areas of the country. 

You also can toss additive materials to your campfire to try to stop mosquitoes. Burning plant material like eucalyptus leaves, sage, or rosemary may work. You could also purchase a citronella starter log to give your fire a boost. Some people will even add a bag of shredded bark from cedar trees to a fire pit.

Additional ways to keep mosquitoes from bothering you around your campfire

If you don't have the right kinds of wood or herbs available to burn, there are some other steps you can take to try to keep mosquitoes away during your time around the fire pit. In fact, just the act of lighting a campfire may help. These bugs tend to avoid smoky areas, regardless of the type of wood you're burning. Damp wood creates a thicker level of smoke, which can be even more effective against these buzzing menaces.

If you are trying to find a place to build your campfire that will prevent mosquitoes from bothering you, look for a spot that doesn't have exposure to standing water. These insects lay eggs in areas with standing water, so they frequently appear near these damp areas. Areas with overgrown bushes and tall grasses tend to draw mosquitoes. Keep your fire pit away from spaces like this.

There are multiple other ways to get rid of mosquitoes in your backyard. You could bring citronella candles to the sitting area, or you could use bug spray on your skin to try to drive the insects away. You could even cultivate certain plants that work to repel mosquitoes around your fire pit, such as lavender, sage, and citronella grass.