Create A Budget-Friendly Bubbling Cauldron To Go With Your Halloween Decor

Are you close to finishing setting up your Halloween décor but something is still missing? You have pumpkins displayed everywhere, witch hats hung from the ceiling, spider webs attached to the walls, and skulls lined up on the shelves, but it still feels like there's another item you need to add. There's always room for one more thing, and that decoration could be a twinkly, bubbling cauldron. Suppose "Hocus Pocus" is your favorite spooky season movie. In that case, adding a whimsical bubbling pot to the rest of your Halloween décor is a must. There are many ways to decorate your space to replicate the Sanderson sister's home, and a bubbling cauldron will add a boost of witchiness. 

Instagram DIYer Aurelie Erikson created the perfect bubbling cauldron, which she displayed on her bookshelf next to a creepy skull and eerie black spider. It's a fun, budget-friendly project you could complete with your kids or friends, which will elevate your indoor Halloween décor and give your spooky home a completed look. Instead of buying a simple cauldron and filling it with candy, this bubbling piece consists of iridescent ornaments and twinkly lights that add a fun twist to standard Halloween décor. Here's how to make it.

Creating a bubbling cauldron

Instagram user Aurelie Erikson shows us how to make the bubbling cauldron she displayed on her bookshelf. You'll need a black empty cauldron, a medium-sized styrofoam ball, iridescent tree ornaments in two different sizes, battery-operated twinkle lights, a hot glue gun, and a piece of ribbon in any color you desire. You can purchase most of these items at your nearest Dollar Tree, Michaels, or Target. Once you've gathered your materials, set them on your working station. Start by placing the styrofoam ball inside the cauldron. Then, cut a piece of ribbon and tie it around the top of the cauldron, making a cute bow.

Next, remove the metal tops from the ornaments and place them inside the cauldron, on top of the styrofoam ball. The styrofoam ball will add height to the interior so that you don't have to use too many ornaments. Stack your ornaments on top of each other, switching between sizes. Once you get to the cauldron's surface, hot glue the ornaments together to prevent them from falling out. Continue gluing ornaments on top of each other and down one side of the cauldron to create a bubbling effect. Finally, add your twinkle lights around the ornaments and display the pot in your home. Place it on your coffee table, side table, bookshelf, or entryway table with your other Halloween décor for extra charm.