This Grocery Store Freebie Is A Fantastic Option For An Affordable New Planter

It doesn't matter if you're looking to transfer your seedlings to larger pots or want to give your existing houseplants some new digs, you can DIY your own planter with a free paper bag from the grocery store. According to an incredible and affordable TikTok hack, an old brown bag is all you need to create perfectly-sized planters. If you're only looking for temporary housing of your verdure, then any bag will do. On the other hand, if you're looking to give greenery out as gifts or add some flair to your home décor, you can decorate the bag and take your planter from boring to beautiful.

There are tons of amazing reasons to use a paper bag for your plants. For starters, it's inexpensive and helps to upcycle items you already have in your home. You'll also never overwater your plants again since your DIY planters are paper, so any extra water will drain out as long as you don't use too much tape to secure them. Just remember to place these pots on a waterproof tray or another surface so that the water doesn't damage your furniture. And the best part? When using this for seedlings and transferring them outside, you can place the container itself right in the ground. This is because the paper will decompose over time and leave your plant with extra compost.

All you need is a paper bag

According to @life_at_the_nest, use a large paper bag to carry out this free DIY planter hack. Start by removing the handles and the base of the bag. Next, fold and cut your bag in half, then fold that portion in half longwise and cut again so that you have a rectangle of paper that's a quarter of the size of the original bag. If you're using this hack for a larger houseplant, you may need a bigger piece. Lay it flat and fold one long side over about an inch to create a crease, then immediately unfold it.

According to this TikTok video, you can use a wooden block to help shape your pot. If you're using this hack for seedlings, a block that's 3 by 3 by 6 inches will work. Place your block at the edge of your bag where the crease was created, rolling it over and pressing down to make creases in the paper. Your wooden block should be wrapped like a gift with the sides open, one flush with the edge of the bag. You'll then want to fold the side of your makeshift container like a present. While you could use tape, you don't need it — just press the bottom of your paper pot into the table to create deep creases. Remove your block, fold in the first crease you made at the top, and voilà! You have a free planter to show off.