Convert An Old Luggage Rack Into A Beautiful DIY Table With This Hack

There are plenty of reasons to create a DIY table for your space. For starters, you can design the exact table of your dreams, choosing the color and style that best fits your home decor. But more than that, you have the satisfaction of owning a side table you crafted yourself using upcycled materials and repurposed items. And if you happen to come across an old luggage rack while you're out bargain-hunting, you can easily turn it into a spectacular table with nothing more than an old mirror, thanks to an incredible Instagram hack. 

According to the EPA, 292.4 million tons of waste was discarded in 2018 alone. And you can do your part to keep trash out of landfills by looking for discarded items to turn into something beautiful. This way, you're being eco-friendly, saving cash, and creating one-of-a-kind accent furniture to bring character and style to your space. So if you're ready for a bespoke table, make sure to try this awesome hack. 

Look for an old luggage rack and mirror

When you're looking for a wood or metal luggage rack, It should have all or most of its straps intact, as you'll use it for the base of your DIY table. You'll also need a tabletop, and what works better than an old mirror? Even if it has minor imperfections, you can still use it. Once you gather your items, begin by spray painting your luggage rack's legs. This video uses black for a neutral appearance, but you can use any color for a custom look.

Next, consider if you'd like to alter the mirror you'll upcycle for this project. If your mirror is missing a piece, look for something comparable to fill in the gap (such as the top of a Tic Tac container, as used in this video). Since the mirror @redeux_style used was all white, she took a black Sharpie paint marker and colored in select tiles for a black-and-white effect. 

However, there are countless ways you can decorate a mirror if you don't find one like @redeux_style's. You can take a plain glass mirror and add a reclaimed wood frame or create a mosaic effect using scrap tiles. Once you're satisfied with your mirror, place it on top of your luggage rack. There's no need to secure it in place unless you have kids or pets. In this case, attach it with some straps. You can also stash storage totes or a pouf for extra seating beneath it.