Even Christina Hall Struggles With Space On A Common Bathroom Design Problem

If you're a frequent watcher of HGTV's "Christina On the Coast," then you know that Christina HallĀ is in love with makeup vanities. These vanities make a bathroom more functional by providing an area designated for getting ready and offering the room more countertop space. This is a bathroom staple the real estate expert and interior designer often gives her clients when renovating their homes, but when it comes to Hall's own residence, a vanity is surprisingly nowhere to be found. The result is a major downfall for the HGTV star: a lack of counter space.

Without this inclusion, Hall says, "It's not really the best bathroom for getting ready" (via Realtor.com). Her entire countertop ends up being cluttered with her hair and makeup tools. Though having a makeup vanity is something Hall knows she needed in hindsight, there's still a lesson to be learned for future home buyers: Before you start shopping for your next home, know your must-haves and deal breakers to reduce running into a similar issue.

Ways to add more countertop space to any bathroom

One problem with Hall's bathroom not including a vanity is that the bathroom does not have the space to easily accommodate this addition. If your bathroom is tight, it might seem like there's nothing you can do to add more countertop space, but that's actually not the case. Instead of adding in new fixtures that take up a portion of the floor, the best way to add in an additional counter is by using what already is available, like unused walls.

Instead of adding to the room horizontally with cabinetry, think vertically by using free space along your walls to install a floating shelf or a table that can fold up. With this option, you can frame your shelf or table with a mirror above to create a makeshift vanity that doesn't take up too much room. Have fun with it and even add wallpaper, as @iammorivera did on TikTok. At the end of the day, bathroom organization is also key in utilizing your space as efficiently as possible.