The Clever Way Jasmine Roth Makes A Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

Bathroom storage is often at a premium, with one of the smallest rooms in the home often posing the greatest challenge to fit all your grooming essentials. The smaller the bathroom, the more cramped and cluttered it can feel with just a few key things out and visible on countertops and shelves. HGTV's Jasmine Roth, however, has a great solution to the storage and design difficulties of small bathrooms. Roth suggests rather than conventional under-sink cabinets found in many homes, that drawers are a far more useful solution for storing everything you need.

Drawers, more than cabinets or shelves, can hold all the necessities out of sight, including extra toiletries and linens. Because they pull out for easy access, you will not be constantly having to bend and reach awkwardly toward the back to access what you need. Because they're so accessible, they also are likely to stay far cleaner and more organized than other kinds of storage, particularly dark under-vanity cabinets where sometimes chaos reigns.

Streamlined and floating

The key to Jasmine Roth's drawer design is also the variety of drawers she uses in the small bathroom. Roth chooses floating drawers that do not reach the floor, instead hanging under the sink and counter. This means they not only provide less clutter at floor level to make the room seem larger, but also make cleaning underneath them a breeze. The drawers are not only spacious, deep, and easy to access, but they help the room feel less crowded with their streamlined exteriors.

When choosing a vanity or under-sink cabinet look for designs that are entirely or partially lifted off the floor to get a similar effect. In a small space like a bathroom, the more you can do to bring the eyes upward toward the top of the room, the more spacious the room will feel. To avoid additional visual clutter, opt for self-closing and hardware-free models, that will also save space and create a cleaner look.