The Popular Grout Color HGTV's Nate Berkus Chooses To Stay Away From

They say one man's trash is another man's treasure. The same can be said of colors. The one you love the most might be one someone else hates — and this is especially true when it comes to the colors you choose for your home. White and gray are the most popular grout colors because they're neutral. But despite how innocuous white grout may seem, HGTV's Nate Berkus isn't a fan. 

Although he personally thinks grout should match the tile color as closely as possible, white is the exception. "I think it always looks terrible," he said on Instagram. What he doesn't share, though, is the color of grout he would choose for white tile. If the tile should match the grout, but he hates white grout, what's his recommended grout color alternative for white tile? He doesn't say.

Berkus also doesn't elaborate on why he thinks white grout "looks terrible," but you may know from personal experience the problems that come with having white grout. It's possible that these problems are associated with his dislike for the color.

White grout is more difficult to maintain

One of the benefits of dark grout is that no matter how dirty it gets, the dirt won't be easy to notice. With white grout, the opposite is true. Over time, that clean, bright, white grout can darken, becoming shades of cream, yellow, and similar colors. If the white grout is in the shower, it can become pink or even black from bacteria, mold, mildew, and other bathtub griminess. So yes, white grout certainly can look terrible, as Berkus said.

On the other hand, if you want to prevent your white grout from discoloring, you'll need to clean it regularly or treat it with a sealant. This means you'll likely end up spending more time and money to keep them white than you would with a darker grout color.

If you'd rather not have to deal with excessively cleaning or treating your grout, the solution is simple: be like Berkus and stay away from white. Opt for a darker shade like gray or brown instead, and if your home comes with white grout, you can dye it. You could also completely replace the grout, but that will take you right back to the "time and money" issue.