Transform Your Bowl Into A Funky Disco Ball Hanging Planter

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If you've been on TikTok or Instagram in the last year, you've definitely caught a glimpse of the disco tile trend. People are covering all types of items, from tables to door frames, in this self-adhesive tiny mirror tile that mimics a disco ball. You'll typically find these pieces in rooms with maximalist and glam design styles. However, you can still add more understated touches of retro sparkle by disco-tiling smaller items. That's why we simply adore this DIY disco ball hanging planter made from a bowl that will bring a touch of the '70s into your home

Similar disco ball planters are going for around $44 on sites like Made, but TikToker @brooklyn_raye1 decided to save some cash and make one for less. She used a wooden bowl that she thrifted, painted it gray, and drilled holes into it before hanging it with some thick wire and chain. The result is a lovely planter that will brighten up any room without looking overly flashy when paired with more subtle decor. But if flashy is your thing, it will make an excellent addition to any over-the-top style.

How to make a disco ball planter from a bowl

For this project, you'll need a pen, a drill, a wooden bowl, sandpaper, gray paint, a paintbrush, self-adhesive disco tiles, a utility knife, a chain, and craft wire. You can get a wooden bowl for about $5 on Amazon, and disco tile comes in a variety of sizes, which you can get for around $5 to $15 on Amazon. The amount you need will be determined by the size of your bowl. The hanging chain will run you about $7 on Amazon. You may also need thick craft wire, which costs around $3 at Walmart, to create loops that you can attach the chain's hooks to.

To complete this project, mark three dots with the pen that are close to the rim of the bowl and an equal distance away from each other, then drill the three holes. Sand down the bowl and paint it gray, as this will allow the disco tile to blend better. Next, cut your tile into single strips with the utility knife and place them around the perimeter of the bowl from top to bottom, skipping a tile where the holes are. Attach your chain hooks through the holes or use craft wire to make loops for the chains by placing the knots on the inside of the planter. Finally, fill with well-draining soil and plants that don't require drainage holes like Spanish moss or spider plants.