Give Your Basic Lazy Susan A Chic Upgrade With This Easy Placemat Hack

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Lazy Susans are excellent for cabinet storage or serving dishes at crowded tables, but in terms of design, they can be, well, a little wanting. A basic lazy Susan often has a bland look, made of wood or plastic, and it doesn't always fit the desired aesthetic when you're hosting. And even when there aren't any guests around, an unattractive kitchen piece can detract from a living space that you've otherwise worked very hard on to reflect your taste and values. With this hack, popularized on TikTok, you won't need to buy a new lazy Susan to give the classic spinning platform an upgrade. All you need is an attractive round placemat, and your lazy Susan will be feeling brand-new. 

As suggested by TikTok user @hometalk, this lazy Susan hack lives up to the "lazy" concept: it will only take you a few minutes and requires no technical skills. By attaching any decorative round placemat to a lazy Susan, you can completely reinvent your serving presentation for your next event — or simply make your kitchen cabinets look a little prettier!

How to get the look

For this hack, look for round placemats that match the shape of your lazy Susan (theoretically, you could trim and re-hem any placemat to get the shape you want, but this hack is about working smarter, not harder). Measure the diameter of your lazy Susan and shop for circular placemats of the same size. If you want to follow the tutorial precisely, opt for a woven placemat style. But don't be afraid to get creative with this project by incorporating fun prints or bold pops of color. This Carol and Frank Quinn quilted floral placemat from Amazon, for instance, would look lovely alongside serving ware. Also, consider how you typically use your lazy Susan — if you ever use it for serving hot dishes, you'll be better off with a heat-resistant placemat, like the FunWheat Round Braided Placemat. This way, you won't worry about the placemat getting burn marks or melting, and you'll be giving your lazy Susan extra protection from potential heat damage.

The next step is gluing the placemat down. Granted, if you plan on only using the placemat for certain occasions, you don't need to do this. However, if you're looking for a permanent lazy Susan upgrade, you should use a hot glue gun or other kind of strong craft glue to secure the placemat onto the rotating platform. And there you have it: for the price of one placemat, your lazy Susan now has an elevated and stylish touch.