50 Best Kitchen Colors To Inspire Creativity

A study shared in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that the most creative-influencing color out there is green. Of course, green isn't the only color that can make you want to create, and often the mood a color instills in you will inspire different types of art. VerywellMind talks about color psychology and how different colors stimulate different parts of the body or make us feel different things. Red may be a power color and symbol of love, for example, but both of those feelings could inspire your creativity in different ways.

When it comes to creativity in the kitchen, there are so many things you can do. Perhaps you want colors that make you think of cooking fancy meals. Maybe the kitchen is where you and the kids hang out for craft night. And, maybe you're hoping to find some creative inspiration in remodeling your kitchen. These 50 pictures will help you find your creativity no matter where you plan to direct it.

1. Sea foam memories

This seafoam turquoise shade mixed with the palest pink walls gives the kitchen a vintage feel, as though you've stepped back into the '50s. This color scheme may inspire you to decorate your kitchen in a vintage fashion or stage it for fun photos.

2. Salmon delight

If you like that last option, but want something a little deeper in tones, this is a great alternative. The salmon pink is perfect for a kitchen, and perhaps it will inspire you to add more fish to your diet. The evergreen goes beautifully and adds a richer tone to the room.

3. Make it fresh and minty

If you really want inspiring retro vibes, this kitchen will have you wanting to cook TV dinners and have the milkman deliver your milk. The minty green cupboards are delightful, and this color could easily be used on the walls instead of wallpaper.

4. Rich greens

Whether your dining space is in your kitchen or not, this rich green is an excellent choice if you prefer darker shades. Inspire your green thumb or greener eating in your kitchen with this fabulous shade.

5. Matte black perfection

Not only does this matte black kitchen look classic and streamlined, but perhaps kitchen messes will be less visible in the dark environment. While black may seem gloomy, the right lighting will give this room charm.

6. Modern black and yellow

Be inspired to have fun with your kitchen colors. You can mix bright shades that grab your attention with darker elements, like black cupboards and tables with yellow accents.

7. Fresh squeezed orange

Even if you don't want to paint your kitchen walls and you enjoy some crisp white elements in this room, you can still add some gorgeous color combinations. The bright orange cupboards in this kitchen make the room even more inviting.

8. Sunshine yellow

If you want your kitchen to inspire a good start to your day, consider yellow. This bright yellow kitchen will put a skip in your step and brings lots of light to the room.

9. Peachy keen

Inspire relaxing, mellow mornings with a peachy tone of orange in your kitchen and dining area. The color is bright, but not too intense. 

10. Calming grayish blue

If you want your kitchen to be a calm and relaxing room, this lovely light shade of grayish blue is sure to inspire slow and easy mornings. The fresh shade leaves your kitchen open to all sorts of design additions, from patterned wallpaper to pretty marble kitchen islands.

11. Racy reds

If you want a kitchen that is the talk of your guests, go for some spicy red cupboards. This is a great look for a vintage kitchen but also works well for a bachelor pad — the cupboards kind of look like traditional toolboxes.

12. A deeper shade of pink

This is almost like a darker salmon meets red shade. It has a fiesta kind of feel to it that may inspire lots of taco making in this kitchen.

13. A touch of pink

This delightfully pale pink kitchen would look great in a Victorian-style home. It would surely pair well with some floral wallpaper and fresh flowers on the island countertop.

14. Yellowish-orange ray of sunshine

Even though this shade of orange isn't as shiny and powerful as the other one on this list, it's still bright and in charge. The yellowish coloring really gives the room the feel of a nice sunny day.

15. Delicious custard yellow

This custard yellow shade is beautifully paired with white, but could also inspire creativity mixed with other colors in your kitchen. The yellow gives it an invigorating feel, but it's not so bright that you want to shield your eyes on a rough morning.

16. Luxurious lime green

If you prefer your kitchen to be bright and striking, lime green is a good way to get that. In this kitchen, the green is paired well with an off-white.

17. Lemons and limes

When it comes to combining fun colors, take inspiration from some of your favorite foods. This kitchen looks like it was lovingly splashed with lemons and limes.

18. Baby blues

Blue looks nice in any room of the house, so let this light blue kitchen inspire your design project. Both the marble work on the counter and the backsplash add something a little darker to the room to offset the tidiness of the blue.

19. A royal purple vibe

This royal purple color has a bluish tone to it. Imagine how important you'll feel creating magnificent meals in a space with this shade.

20. Deep rich blues

This kitchen looks gorgeous with the navy cupboards up against the crisp white walls. You'll be inspired to keep this room clean and shiny after cooking creative meals.

21. Watery turquoises

If you want a bright and eclectic look in your kitchen, be inspired by the many shades of turquoise out there. This shade looks nice with the grayish walls but would pair well with other subtle colors and even some bright ones.

22. Delightful dark lavender

Lavender itself is calming and relaxing, so this makes the color a nice addition to a kitchen you want to start the day off slow in. This purple shade looks nice with white but would look fantastic and inspiring with other colors, including yellow.

23. Pink and purple? Why not?

While this may not be your first choice in kitchen colors, it has a fun and whimsical feel to it. If you're still collecting unicorns and Barbie dolls and loved your Easy-Bake Oven as a kid, this may be your ideal kitchen.

24. Taste the rainbow

Inspire a rainbow of creative activity in your kitchen space. Painting any part of the room in rainbow colors will add vitality and energy to the space, and may make you crave more colorful foods.

25. A touch of lavender

You don't have to pick the deep lavender to get the wonderfully calming effects of this beautiful color. A pale hue like this one adds whimsy without feeling like you've gone overboard into a field of lavender flowers.

26. Inspire warmth with brown

Whether it makes you think of a warm cup of hot cocoa or the wood on a cozy fire, this beautiful brown tone may make mornings feel cozier.

27. Accent woodwork with color

If you're bored with your basic wood cupboards but don't want to replace them or lose that natural look, add some accent colors to your kitchen cabinets. The brisk blue on these cupboards makes the wood pop even more.

28. Enjoy comforting grays

Gray may seem like a boring color, but there are so many other colors you can pair with it to make a delightful kitchen atmosphere. If you don't want your space too colorful, combine gray walls or cupboards with colorful appliances and furniture.

29. Mix rich colors like black and red

The mix of black or dark gray with red in this kitchen gives it a sophisticated look. Perhaps you'll be inspired to host some fancy dinner parties and mix up some cosmopolitans. 

30. Inspire your future décor

The bright pink combined with a dark gray-bluish color looks fun and classy mixed together. The one thing this look may help inspire is creative ideas for decorating your kitchen — what would you do with all that empty space?

31. Mint and lemon accents

There are so many creative color combinations you can make in your kitchen, even if you want to have wood accents as well. The minty green cabinets are calming, while the pops of yellows give the room a bright feeling.

32. Fancy some faded denim?

From a ranch-style home to an actual ranch, this kitchen has a bit of a country vibe to it without going overboard. The blue cupboards kind of look like faded denim and add a bit of calm to the bright wood color.

33. Bright greens

This delightful green will surely liven up any kitchen. It looks gorgeous with the houseplants on the counter and would pair well with many other light colors for cupboards. Consider trying light gray, light pink, or even cream colors to go along with it.

34. Play with a chalboard wall

Chalkboard paint is usually black, but it offers up a world of creativity. Imagine the fun you and your family can have writing out daily menus or drawing fun pictures of food each day. Make it an accent wall or use it to paint your cupboards — it pairs well with any other kitchen color.

35. Simple accents of green

Even if your kitchen is white, think of the ways you can add pops of color here and there. From the accents of green paint to the gorgeous gold chairs, this room looks like it was made for dinner parties.

36. Eggshell easiness

Bright and flashy or deep dark colors aren't the only way to go when it comes to creating an inspiring kitchen. Bright colors like eggshell make a room look and feel lighter, making it a great place to craft meals and art.

37. Coral colorings

The gorgeous kitchenette really stands out in the room. From coloring your cabinets a deep coral to coloring an entire kitchen, this color is sure to inspire your kitchen design and bring more happiness into your room.

38. Fun shades of green

All of the colors in this room meld together to make a truly creative space for creating fancy meals. It looks modern, but the green shade almost adds a little vintage whimsy to the room, and pairs well with the gray backsplash and flooring.

39. Crisp kelly green

Green is great at inspiring creativity, and this bright and energetic kelly green makes the perfect backdrop for fancy cooking and fun crafting. 

40. Blues and yellows

If green is the most creatively inspiring color and yellow combined with blue makes green, then this room is definitely worthy of inspiration. The colors complement each other like a sunny, clear day.

41. Pretty pale blue

A light color like this pale blue opens you up to all sorts of creative color combos in the kitchen. If the calmness of the walls doesn't inspire your creative side, a cool area rug with a myriad of other colors will surely spice things up.

42. Fun with yellow

From the neon yellow cupboards to the neat backsplash, this kitchen makes simple elegance fun and fancy-free. Just because your kitchen is mostly boring shades doesn't mean you can't easily liven things up and add inspiration with a few accents.

43. Denim gray gusto

Whether you're working with walls that are already there or picking your favorite colors for the kitchen, this dark bluish-gray shade looks crisp and magnificent. It matches the marbled walls beautifully and will surely create an inspiring area to create.

44. Creative pairings

The right amount of light and glow in a room can help with inspiring all sorts of creativity. This room has just the right essence in its blending of colors to make it a comfy space to come up with fun ideas.

45. What was once boring is now gray

This delightful light gray color is not boring at all, and if you keep looking at it, it appears to have lavender undertones. A kitchen in this shade will offer ample lighting for your creative works and gives the room a very classic look.

46. Play with different hues of green

The right pairings of colors can bring about creativity, and picking two shades that at least look related can add a gradient style to your kitchen space. Let these green hues inspire nature art, fancy salads, and more.

47. Pairing purples and blues

You don't have to have a brightly lit room to promote creative thoughts and actions. For some people, darker shades are inspiring. The mix of a lighter lavender and a deeper medium blue gives the room both aspects.

48. Mix colors and add patterns

Whether it's with your backsplash or the entire kitchen, get creative with painting. You can recreate a look similar to this with some sponges and a few different choices in paint color. The look will surely inspire even more creativity once it's done.

49. Find unique greens

Here's another beautiful shade of green. It has an ocean feel to it and may inspire artwork depicting mermaids and seashells.

50. Go where the green is

Get a vibe of complete creativity in your kitchen by picking a few shades deeper in the same tone as your cupboards. This greenish-gray hue is both modern and classic and is sure to be inspiring.