TikTok's Palm-Sander Hack For Dirty Carpets Has Us Stunned

While running a vacuum over your carpet will usually give it a good clean, sometimes it can be challenging to remove every single particle beneath the surface or buried in the fibers of your carpet. Sand and kitty litter are prime examples, and can become frustrating to remove once a buildup begins. However, one solution by @breitdesigns on TikTok could change everything. By using a palm-sander on your carpet, you should be able to easily identify any problem areas and clean them up in a flash. This should save you a considerable amount of time and make the whole process much more efficient — in fact, it could even make your old carpet look brand new. What more could you ask for?

If you often bring in sand and dirt from the outside world, this hack is perfect for you. In particular, it's also incredibly useful if you have very messy pets. As cute as they are, pets are notorious for bringing in all sorts of things from the outdoors, or even just loose litter from their litter box. In addition to your carpets, you could use this on your car mats, which come in contact with a ton of dirt. So, how exactly do you use the sand-palmer hack? Let's take a look at how to do it below.

The palm-sander carpet cleaning hack

In addition to your palm-sander, you'll also need your vacuum to get the most out of this crafty cleaning method. This will help you to maximize the amount you clean from your carpet. To begin, start by placing your palm-sander on your carpet and turning it on. As you begin to put it in different areas, you should notice that all the dirt will start to rise to the surface. Keep the sander in place while cleaning the area with your vacuum at the same time. Although this will likely require a little bit of multitasking, it will ultimately help you work as efficiently as possible. Repeat this process across your whole carpet, identifying any dirty areas and cleaning them up. This is a great way to clean your carpet if you have pets. By the end of it, you should be left with a carpet that feels brand new. 

So, how exactly does it all work? As it turns out, the device's vibrational movement helps lift the particles to the surface, making it more accessible for your vacuum. Speaking to Science Friday, professor of acoustic engineering at the University of Salford Trevor Cox explains the process in more depth: "What's happening is, the sand is moving away from the bits where it's vibrating a lot." This is why you have to leave it on while cleaning, otherwise the sand will sink back down again, making it harder to suck up.