Can You Install Laminate Countertops Alone Or Do You Need A Professional?

Other than your cabinets, the countertops in your kitchen play a key role in the design of the room. If you're looking to renovate your kitchen, altering your countertops has probably been on your list. While some kitchen renovations can be done DIY style, you might be wondering if installing laminate countertops is something you can do yourself or if it warrants hiring a pro. The good news is that installing laminate countertops yourself is doable, However, it's not the easiest DIY project.

That being said, it's not the hardest, either. Installing countertops is a task that will likely take a few days since there's a lot involved, and you'll need to make sure you order your new countertops in advance. but the work is worth it to achieve the kitchen design you really want. By installing your countertops yourself, you can save a lot of the renovation costs and have a new countertop to enjoy when it's all said and done!

What does installing laminate countertops involve?

Before you can install new countertops, there are a few steps you need to take. The first is measuring your current countertop to have the right size for its replacement. You can cut laminate countertops yourself (following the collected measurements), or give your measurements to a retailer and have them cut them. Once you have your new countertops ready to go, you will need to remove the existing ones. 

In order to remove your countertops, you will need to cut the caulk off the backsplash and remove it first since it connects to the countertops. Once the caulk is removed, the countertops should slide off easily. Next, you can check your new countertops by sliding them into place to ensure everything fits correctly.

If everything fits, seal the edges of the countertop with contact cement, before fastening it with screws underneath the kitchen cabinets. If you need to install a sink, measure and cut out a space using a jigsaw. Caulk and secure the counter to the backsplash before installing your sink and other fixtures.

When to consider calling a professional

Installing your own kitchen countertops is very rewarding, but the process might seem daunting for DIY beginners. If you're hesitant to complete this project on your own, working with a professional is your best option. Or, if you're pressed for time and would like the project to be done in a timely manner, a professional has the experience to complete the project within a few days.

A common mistake most DIYers make when installing countertops is not taking the correct measurements and ordering the wrong colored slabs, but these issues can often be eliminated when working with professionals. Also, if this is your first time working with countertops, you should expect the process to go slower. After all, rushing can lead to bigger issues with sizing and plumbing, which is another reason to consider hiring a professional if you want everything installed correctly the first time.