Why The Best Place For Your Fridge Might Be Outside Of Your Kitchen

When deciding where to place your fridge, the kitchen is typically the first room most people think of. Though there is no one answer to the ideal spot for your fridge, some are making the case that the essential household item should not be in the kitchen for space and practicality reasons. You may not be too worried about these issues if you have a larger kitchen. However, if you're working with a smaller kitchen, every inch of space matters, and a bulky item like a fridge can definitely impact how the space is perceived.

Moreover, a fridge-less kitchen could make it a less stressful space overall. Interior designer Casey Sanford explained to Southern Living that banishing the fridge from the kitchen can be advantageous because of the space you'll free up for extra countertops, a bigger stove area, or even simply making the space feel less cluttered. Additionally, placing your fridge in a separate room "also lessens the foot traffic in the kitchen while someone is cooking or washing dishes," thus making your kitchen a calmer area too. 

Move the fridge to maximize the kitchen areas you use most

It isn't necessarily wrong to have your fridge in the kitchen, of course, but moving it out can promote a better balance in this traditionally busy area. This is especially important if you have a big family — a bulky refrigerator takes up a considerable amount of physical space due to its tall and wide stature, which can then cast a shadow over the rest of your kitchen. By putting the fridge in a separate room like a utility, you're ensuring everyone has access to it without it getting in the way of you enjoying your kitchen.

Moreover, creating a layout where all your kitchen appliances are very close to each other isn't the best idea for a stress-free environment, either. As interior designer Andy Briggs advised Ideal Home, "Restrictive movement will always create unnecessary stress, especially if more than one person is using the kitchen at once!" 

A fridge is a large appliance, so it makes sense that it'll impact your other appliances. So, should you move your fridge out of your kitchen? Only you know how busy the fridge area gets and how much room you need for cooking. Still, if there's one recommendation we have, it's to put the fridge near the place where you most often prepare food to save you from dashing back and forth while cooking.