Create A Beautiful Basket Wall On A Budget With This Genius IKEA Placemat Hack

Creating a boho-inspired gallery wall can be a fabulous way to finish off your wonderfully inviting and stylish space. The same goes for gallery walls made up of baskets, whether you want an aesthetic that's comfy in a contemporary kind of way or enviably chic. However, putting together this kind of setup can become costly if you opt for a sizable wall hanging. That is unless you use a simple, savvy hack that features placemats from IKEA.

In a video shared by TikTok creator Within Warm Walls, viewers are urged not to fork over $150 for a pre-made basket wall. Instead, all you need to do is head over to the kitchen section of IKEA. Select a few placemats — you'll find materials like dried bamboo, jute, rattan, seagrass, sedge, and even water hyacinth, that have been woven into stunning designs.

Pick out your favorite and grab as many as you need to best fit the wall in your home that will end up with this addition. Or, you might prefer to select placemats of different sizes and shapes as well as a range of colors and patterns. One of the great aspects of this hack is that you can adjust it to work for your particular space and taste. Once you've chosen your placemats, you're almost ready to get this money-saving DIY project started.

Mix up and layer placemats to create an artistic piece

Gather materials to secure the placements to your wall, like nails, screws, hooks, or adhesive strips. Before you begin hanging, lay out the placemats on your floor or a table so that you can decide how you want to arrange them on the wall. Take your time and try a few different arrangements (perhaps taking pictures as you do so that you don't forget your favorite options) until you find just the right configuration.When you have your design ready, you can start hanging.

The TikTok creator arranges the placemats with the sides overlapping to create an effect that makes it look like the separate items are one large piece. The creator also opts for two different kinds of dried grass placemats along with a trio of smaller, somewhat spikey accent pieces to add an extra level of visual interest that completes the overall design. The grand total? Well, instead of a whopping $150 for a pre-made piece, it turns out that this talented TikTok user and savvy shopper only spent $40. That makes this project beautiful, budget-friendly, and totally worth a try.