Create A Gorgeous Plant Window In Your Kitchen With This Renter-Friendly DIY

When renting a home, decorating can be a bit challenging since there are often limitations on what you can do to the space. Your options for any upgrades have to be temporary and easily reversible so the home can maintain its original state, which has led to many creative, "renter-friendly" home d├ęcor ideas. One TikTok creator has set out to transform his apartment with this in mind. To cover up a kitchen window with a boring view, he decided to build a wooden rack to display some plants (via TikTok).

To recreate this DIY plant window, first choose your grid based on how big or small you want the compartments to be. He settled on a 3x6 grid which meant wood planks that were easy to manage. Next, decide what you want to display. He took a neglected plant he found outside, cut off its stems, and placed them in tiny bottles to beautify his new plant window. "And just like that I built my dream plant window and now I have a beautiful view to look at whenever I'm doing the dishes," he says.

What makes this renter-friendly

One key thing with this DIY project is that the frame and its inner parts were all fixed without the use of glue or nails, which is a renter-friendly method to ensure that no major changes or damages were made. This way, no holes were drilled into the wall and nothing was permanently attached to the window. "It all just fits like a little puzzle which makes it super easy to put together and take apart," he says in the video. It also makes it easy to clean the wood pieces and reuse them later.

In another TikTok, he addresses concerns about how the frame stays up and explains that all the parts are held up by compression. "It can definitely withstand a little shake and rattle." Knowing how to hang things like shelves, art pieces, photo frames, and decorations without nails and glue goes a long way in keeping your walls damage-free. Some other adhesives you can try are Command strips, velcro, and stick tack.