Turn Plain Closet Doors Into A Trendy Fluted Masterpiece With TikTok's Easy IKEA Hack

With many of us spending plenty of time in our bedrooms, it's no wonder we want them to reflect our style and personality. If you want to upgrade your closet doors, say hello to this stunning TikTok IKEA hack by @perfectly_imperfek. By implementing this trick, you can transform your closet doors from plain into a trendy fluted masterpiece in no time. And the best part is, it just requires a few supplies and low-cost placemats from the Swedish retailer. Even better, the results are incredibly eye-catching. What more could you possibly want?

This hack is perfect if you're looking to redesign your bedroom and add your own flair, especially if you're on a budget. It's also the perfect chance to switch up the color or swap out hardware. This way you get a whole new look, without having to purchase entirely new doors. So, how do you build this trendy fluted masterpiece? Here, we'll outline the step-by-step closet door makeover process.

Purchase the IKEA RÖDEBY

For this hack, you'll need several IKEA RÖDEBY mats, so start by measuring the doors to determine how many you need to purchase. Make sure you also have a level, Liquid Nails, sanding blocks, shellac-based primer, and poly-acrylic on hand. And, you'll want to select a paint color and pick out new hardware to replace outdated knobs

To begin crafting your new fluted closet doors, you'll first need to take them off your closet's frame and remove the door handles and hardware. Then, lay the mats out on the fronts to get a good idea of their placement and if you need to trim any of them. When you're happy with their positions, make sure they're straight using the level. You can then secure them to your closet doors using Liquid Nails. Just make sure you get a nice, even coating so the mats adhere well to the doors. Place a heavy object on top as they dry to ensure they're fully bonded.

Once secure and dry, you can sand the whole surface down before priming. Then, paint and seal it to finish the job and allow the doors to dry completely before affixing your new hardware. Finally, reinstall them in the frame and admire the DIY character. Due to the unique design of these IKEA placemats, they help to give the illusion of a trendy fluted style for a fraction of the cost of custom doors.