5 Festive Christmas Stocking Holders That'll Add A Touch Of Holiday Charm To Your Space

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With the autumn season starting up, Christmas will soon be around the corner and it may be time to start thinking about decorations. While simple hooks can do the job of hanging up your stockings, why not add a bit of extra cheer with decorative holders to help brighten your home for the holidays? If you're looking to add a little more charm while getting ready for Christmas, these five festive stocking holders will make decorating easy.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the perfect stocking holders for your home. For those without a fireplace or mantel to decorate, free-standing stocking holders are perfect for easily hanging your stockings without having to attach anything to your walls, making them a great option for apartments. If you have a big family, personalized stocking holders will make everyone feel special while keeping presents organized. However you like to spend your Christmas season, these holders will keep your stockings hanging perfectly and will make beautiful additions to your seasonal decor.

How we selected products

It's important to factor in quality and cost when picking a stocking holder to add to your Christmas collection. While some holders may be more budget-friendly, they might not last from year to year like other options. When selecting which stocking holders to include in this list, we considered not only cost but also their sturdiness and appearance, as well as how the holders hang the stockings.

Since every home is different, having options on where to place your stockings is crucial. When choosing a holder, you'll want to consider the best place to hang your stockings and purchase a holder that is compatible with your home. While some holders are advertised for mantels, they may be able to clip to the edges along the side of a staircase or rest on a bookshelf. Through customer reviews, star ratings, and previous press coverage, we've compiled the best stocking holders on the market to get your family ready for the Christmas season.

Best overall: XENTUMI Bronze No-Damage Christmas Stocking Holders

These stocking holders have traditional Christmas symbols on the front and come in sets of four or up to eight. The holders each feature a snowman, Santa, a gingerbread man, an angel, a reindeer, a star, a Christmas tree, or a stuffed stocking. This allows larger families to designate a holder for each person. The light bronze color of these stocking holders will help them fit into any style of Christmas decor, and the non-slip backings allow you to hang them from a mantel, shelf, table, or any flat surface without using adhesives. These stockings are made to handle up to 5 pounds of weight, so they're perfect for holding up your gifts.

XENTUMI Bronze Christmas Stocking Holders can be found on Amazon, where sets of four are $19.99, five are $24.99, six are $36.99, and sets of eight are $45.99.

Best free standing: Haute Decor Adjustable Stocking Holder

If you don't have a mantel and can't nail your stockings into the wall, this free-standing holder is a great way to hang your stockings, especially for those in apartments. Because of its adjustable height of 19 inches, 30 inches, or 42 inches, this stocking holder can sit beautifully on an end table or counter or stand tall on the floor. The holder can be purchased in either black or white and has eight hooks, with each hook capable of holding 2 pounds. This stocking holder is best suited to stand on hard surfaces and could fall over more easily if placed on carpet.

The Haute Decor Adjustable Stocking Holders can be found at Target and on Amazon for $44.99.

Best design: Balsam Hill Polar Bear Family Stocking Holder

Balsam Hill has long been known for its stunning Christmas decorations, and this polar bear stocking holder lives up to the standard. Though these holders are on the more expensive side, they are durable, able to hold up to 7 pounds and have a gorgeous sculpted design that's sure to bring joy to your living room. The holders are perfect for sitting on the edge of a mantel or bookcase and come with options for the bears to be holding a Christmas ornament, a wrapped gift, a candy cane, or a polar bear cub.

Balsam Hill Polar Bear Family Stocking Holders can be purchased from Balsam Hill's website for $89 each.

Best budget: Haute Decor Candy Cane Stocking Holder

These adorable stocking holders look just like big candy canes and despite being able to hold up to 10 pounds each, these holders are rather inexpensive. The hook of the candy cane rests on your mantel, while the other end rests on the side of the mantel. Because they are so lightweight, you won't need to worry about these holders falling down and hurting kids or pets, though this also means they may need the weight of the stocking to stay in place.

Haute Decor Candy Cane Stocking Holders can be purchased in sets of four for $15.50 on Amazon or in sets of two for $9.99 from Target.

Best personalized: Holiday Jingle Picture Frame Stocking Holders

Holiday Jingle's stocking holders feature beautiful picture frames, so you can personalize them with photos of your family however you choose. The frames come in red, green, or white and are sold in sets of two or four. The holders can hold up to 30 pounds and have a weighted bottom, which helps them stay in place while bearing the weight of your heavy stockings. As your kids grow up, you can replace the pictures each year, making these stocking holders extremely customizable.

Holiday Jingle Picture Frame Stocking Holders can be found on Amazon for $29.99 for a set of two colored frames or $24.99 for two white frames.