The 5 Best Christmas Tree Bases For The Ultimate Holiday Setup

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Did you spend all day going from one Christmas tree farm to the next in search of the perfect tree? When you bring it home, you'll want the ideal tree base — one that holds the tree in place properly and is easy to set up. Numerous tree bases exist, though not all are versatile enough for the tree you're bringing home.

When comparing options, look first at the size limitations of the base. Be sure to choose one that's large enough to hold the trunk circumference properly, or it may topple over mid-season. If you're buying a live tree, the stand needs to have a large enough water reservoir so you're not filling it every day. Then, look for features that you love, like rotating tree stands that allow you to see your beautiful ornaments from all angles or those stands with built-in decorative features so you don't feel like you have to cover them up with a tree skirt. The right Christmas tree stand can help keep your tree alive all season long.

How we selected products

In order to determine which Christmas tree stands are the best for most peoples' needs, we looked at customer reviews and product specifications. There are dozens of options on the market in each of these categories, but the best tree bases are those that are durable, reliable, and easy to set up based on what real consumers experienced. More so, most well-made tree stands will last for many years. Because of this, we considered maintenance and design to determine if it was rugged enough to use year after year.

Additionally, we also considered cost and the overall aesthetics of the tree base. We looked at both top brands and lesser-known products from small businesses to find out which was the best Christmas tree base for the perfect holiday setup. Consider these tips for choosing a base once you choose the right Christmas tree size for your space

Best overall: Krinner Christmas Tree Genie L

If you're purchasing an 8-foot tree, Krinner's Christmas Tree Genie L is the best bet for all-around functionality and durability. It holds a full gallon of water in the reservoir so you don't have to fill it too often, and it has an easy-to-see water level indicator. Setup is also a breeze. Position the tree in the center of the base and then use the foot pedal on the base to move the claws inward until they are holding onto the trunk firmly. The entire process takes just a few minutes. Also nice is the durability and stability of the design; Once you place your tree in the right position, it remains in place throughout the season.

You can purchase the Krinner Christmas Tree Genie L at for $99.

Best value tree stand: Jack Post 519-ST Medium

The Jack Post 519-ST Medium tree stand with five eye-bolts is a simple-to-use, budget-friendly option. Though there are less expensive Christmas tree bases on the market, this one offers the best value since it has a 1-gallon reservoir and a durable, heavy plastic design. Position the tree in it, tighten the bolts, and fill it with water to have a great looking tree all season. This one is best for trees up to 7.5 feet tall. The steel spikes also help to ensure it remains steady and strong throughout the season.

You can purchase the Jack Post 519-ST medium tree stand at Amazon for $36.99.

Best rotating tree stand: Puleo International Heavy Duty Rotating Christmas Tree Stand

Puleo International offers a Heavy Duty Rotating Christmas Tree Stand designed for trees up to 7.5 feet tall and up to 80 pounds in weight. This rotating Christmas tree has a strong, metal design that makes it durable enough to handle not just the weight of the tree but the movement. Once in place, a full rotation takes about 70 seconds, giving you long-lasting beauty. It only has one speed, but operates consistently throughout the season whenever turned on.

You can purchase the Puelo International tree stand at Home Depot for $41.43.

Best tree stand for large trees: Santa Live Tree Stand

Are you planning to install a big tree in your home? The Santa Live Tree Stand can accommodate a 14-foot tree that has an 8-inch diameter base or smaller. This Christmas tree base is also beneficial because it holds 2 gallons of water. With such a large tree, you'll want a tree stand that's strong and durable but also one that's easy to set up. With this model, the Turn Straight feature allows you to center the tree and then lock it into place with just a few clicks. Even if it's top-heavy, this base will adjust and keep the tree from falling over thanks to the weight-absorbing base design.

You can purchase the Santa Live Tree Stand at Wayfair for $153.99.

Best tree stand for a real tree: Goliath Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand

Designed for live trees, the Goliath Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand is an excellent option for a durable tree stand. It holds up to 1.8 gallons of water without the trunk and has four strong steel support screws that incorporate steel end caps. This, along with the powder-coated design helps to improve the longevity of the tree stand. You can count on its lifetime warranty for trees ranging from 8 to 16 feet tall. It accommodates up to a 7.5-inch trunk size, too. Even better, the legs are removable to make storage easy.

You can purchase the Goliath Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand at Amazon for $99.99.