Showcase Your Stunning Staircase With This Incredible Upgrade

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Due to the nature of their design, staircases aren't as easy to switch up as other areas of your home. Unlike, say, changing the cushions on your sofa or the bedding in your room, altering the look of your suitcase can not only be costly but also logistically tricky. However, there's a great TikTok hack, which involves just three, easy-to-source products and is a brilliant way to update your staircase without having to spend heaps of money or make any drastic changes. 

It will work best on wooden staircases, as carpet isn't as pliable when it comes to DIY, but this hack is also a great option if you rent your home, as you can use alternatives that don't require you to do any drilling or make any permanent changes (although, as every rented home has different rules, it's always best to check your lease first). Nevertheless, you won't need to worry about bringing out the power tools to transform your staircase area from dull to chic.

Your staircase will look brand new in no time at all

To achieve a look like the one in the above TikTok, you'll need a carpet stair runner in whichever color of your choice, as many rods as you have stairs, and several lights. Before you get started, we would recommend painting the stairs for an even chicer aesthetic look. After the paint has dried, the first step to take is to fit the carpet runner yourself or hire a professional to do so if you're not DIY-confident. Once the runner is down, you'll see how much space you have left and can gauge the size of the lights and rods you need.

The rods hold the runner in place, but they also add a glam look, particularly if you go for gold or brass. To avoid drilling or if you live in a rented home, use sticky tape instead. As for the lights, you can put one on either side of each stair or alternate them depending on the look you prefer. To stop them from being a tripping hazard, choose small round lights like the Narundren Set of 6 Chargeable Lights that won't stick out. Once lit, your staircase area will have a charming ambiance thanks to the lights, runner, and rods combination.