DIY A Magical Candy Land For Trick-Or-Treaters With This Pool Noodle Hack

Many folks partake in various Halloween celebrations. Maybe you decorate your yard to pass out candy for trick-or-treaters, decorate your car for trunk-or-treaters, or do both. Whether you're starting to plan how to deck out your front porch or the car's trunk, there's an exciting hack that will give you the magic Candy Land of your dreams. You can turn your leftover pool noodles from summer pool days into lollipops for sweet, colorful décor that's perfect for fall.

To get started, you'll need a few rubberbands and a hot glue gun. Using a high-temperature one is essential to ensure the pool noodles stay glued. You'll also want to get white duct tape for the lollipop swirls. Of course, you'll need pool noodles, so use bright, colorful ones, like pink, green, and yellow, or anything that will fit the magical Candy Land theme. You'll also need to buy a few plungers to create the lollipop sticks and white spray paint. Lastly, grab some cellophane and white ribbon to wrap your lollies in for an added touch. Your house won't be the spookiest one on the block, but it'll be fun and festive.

Steps for creating magical pool noodle lollipops

First, hot glue two pool noodles end-to-end to create one long pool noodle, securing them with duct tape. Use the same tape to wrap it around the pool noodle in a swirl pattern that resembles store-bought lollies. Then, hot glue one of the ends of the noodle and slowly roll it on top. Continue hot gluing and spiraling the noodles until you reach the end. Secure it with a couple of rubber bands and leave it to dry for 24 hours.

Then, remove the rubber part of the plunger and spray paint the handle. After everything has dried, remove the rubberbands and cut a hole into the side of the swirl with scissors, ensuring it's wide enough for the handle to fit in. Add hot glue inside the hole, insert the handle, and let it dry. Finally, it's time to wrap up your lollie. Spread out some cellophane, place the lollipop on top, and fold over the cellophane, wrapping the lollipop and securing it with a big bow. You're done! To emphasize the theme, decorate the rest of the space with balloons and candy canes. You can also cut out large, multi-colored shapes for kids to walk on as they make their way to your porch to get some real sweet treats.