Christina Hall Brings Hollywood Glam Into The Bathroom With One Stunning Detail

Christina Hall, host of HGTV's "Christina on the Coast," regularly makes stunning transformations in the homes she designs, including a recent episode where she renovated both the kitchen and bathroom of a light-filled midcentury modern home. The homeowners, a pair of empty-nesters. were looking to glam up their home with new cabinets, counters, tilework, and other materials. While their kitchen turned out to be a beautiful and sleekly modern take on retro California style, the bathroom stole the show.  

Hall's use of metallic gold tile as an accent immediately ups the level of drama and glamor in a small space. Described as "sexy, sexy, sexy" by the homeowners during the reveal (per YouTube), Hall's use of the metallic accent tiles in three stripes around the bathroom elevates the overall basic white 1-inch square tiles, warming up the space and evoking a mid-century inspired Hollywood sense of glam amid sleek marble countertops, walnut vanity, and large mirror. 

Metallic tile as accents

Metallic accents, particularly gold, are an instant way to up the luxurious feel of a space. Gold gives a hint of warmth, which meshes well with the retro California vibes of the couple's overall home. While you can use these accents as trim, fixtures, and other elements, adding them to the tilework gives this bathroom a distinctly mid-century feel. The gold bands liven up the basic white tiles that cover the rest of the bathroom while not overwhelming it. 

The strong horizontal lines also make the bathroom seem much wider, a visual trick that is augmented by the large mirror above the vanity which takes up the entire wall. The glass shower door offers a full view of the interior, which makes the room seem much larger and grander than it is. Because the gold tiles are part of the wall, they add a lot of visual impact without cluttering up the space, which perfectly fits the minimalism of the rest of the home. 

How to get the look

To recreate a similar glam effect in your bathroom, think of ways you can use tiles with a little bit of shine, either as trim or accent tiles interspersed with other tiles. You can also use tiles that are flecked with metallics for a more subdued sense of shimmer. The metallic finish helps bounce more light around the space, making even the darkest bathroom shine. While Christina Hall's bathroom design uses gold, you can also use other metallics that may fit your design scheme better, including silver, bronze, and copper tiles. Mirrored tiles are another way to add a similar sense of shimmer and light with a very vintage feel. Metallics also look lovely when juxtaposed with more rustic stone tiles. 

For additional impact, you can also repeat the metallic accents in places like trim, fixtures, hardware, and decorative items in your space. While recent trends like modern farmhouse style have favored matte finishes for hardware and faucets, shiny chrome, brass, and copper are slowly making a comeback, particularly in homes with a more contemporary and modern look.