Tiktoker's 'Hollywood' Cleaning Is The Easy Home Trend We Can Get On Board With

Every home has its own routines for cleaning and maintenance. While some homeowners deep clean various parts of the home daily, others spot or lightly clean and save the heavy work for the weekends or certain days. Whether you are a weekend warrior cleaner or a daily tidier, a new phrase has been making the rounds of TikTok — 'Hollywood' clean. It refers generally to a surface-level cleaning that looks clean to the casual observer but does not always tackle larger and more involved sorts of organization and deep cleaning. 

TikTokker @sare.nicolee recently explained the difference, citing that she grew up in a 'Hollywood' clean home, while her partner had been raised in a home that was regularly deep cleaned. While a deep cleaner may address larger projects like sweeping, mopping, and regular dusting, the 'Hollywood' clean proponent is more focused on preventing clutter and visible messes. This may mean making the bed, doing the dishes, and cleaning up floors to make the home presentable and visibly clean, but neglecting other more involved and laborious work.

What is 'Hollywood' clean?

The 'Hollywood' clean method is about presentation.  If it looks clean, it is. This clean-up may involve removing any clutter from surfaces. sweeping or vacuuming visible areas, putting away and washing dishes, wiping down the countertops, or quickly using the toilet scrubber. It may also involve folding laundry or taking out the trash. The effect is a clean and polished-looking home, thus the 'Hollywood' moniker, but dirt may still be building up under, behind, and within unseen spaces

The discrepancy in cleaning styles has the internet talking about their own approach and those they live with, which as @sare.nicolee mentions, can cause friction if your cleaning styles don't align. While a 'Hollywood-clean' home may look well-kept, the deep cleaners may notice the coat of dust on the baseboards and crumbs piling up in the fridge. While any cleaning is effective, ignoring certain deep cleaning tasks must eventually be addressed for a truly clean home, particularly where pets and children can add to regular cleaning needs. 

Striking a balance

The best solution for households at odds?  A dual-pronged approach may work best in most homes.  The 'Hollywood' clean method may be ideal for quick pick-ups during the week when time is shorter, with more intensive tasks being left for weekends. While quickly wiping the kitchen sink or stove with a sponge after cooking dinner may work to keep the kitchen looking good, a more thorough cleaning with scrubber and spray may be required every so often. While the shower may survive a week or two without a soap scum rub down, periodically taking on the task will keep it shining. Some homes may have different loads and priorities in the cleaning regimen in terms of tasks like dishes, laundry, and trash removal, so finding the right balance is key. 

Even 'Hollywood' clean practices make the eventual deeper cleaning much faster and easier. A certain amount of daily maintenance leads to less work on designated deep clean days. Keeping your home free of clutter also makes more involved jobs faster and less onerous. A great approach is making a list of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, with 'Hollywood-style' cleaning perfect for regular daily maintenance in many homes.