Use TikTok's Clever Trick To Get The Most Out Of Your Can Of WD-40

Who can relate to using an aerosol can of WD-40 only to have it suddenly stop spraying even though there's plenty of product left inside? It's undeniably frustrating, leaving us feeling both annoyed and like we're wasting our hard-earned money. However, before we toss that seemingly half-full canister aside, a clever TikTok trick has come to the rescue. This ingenious hack uses an air compressor to extract every last drop of WD-40 from the can, ensuring we make the most out of our purchase and avoid wastage.

The mechanics behind this hack are surprisingly simple. When a can of WD-40 stops spraying even though it still contains some product, it's typically due to a loss of pressure. Therefore, an easy fix is re-pressurization. While not everyone may have an air compressor readily on hand, these convenient machines can commonly be found at gas stations or home improvement stores. By utilizing one, you can quickly restore the lost pressure in your can of WD-40 and get it working smoothly again.

Reviving WD-40 Cans

One popular TikTok creator, @jmg8tor, demonstrates how to use an air compressor to repressurize a can of WD-40. The method involves removing the plastic spray top from the can and utilizing an air compressor equipped with a small, rubber-tip nozzle or valve stem. With a few swift pumps of air, he effortlessly restores the lost pressure in the flat can of WD-40.

This quick fix can effectively revive WD-40 or other aerosol cans that have run out of propellant and no longer spray. However, before attempting the trick, it is crucial to double-check the recommended vapor pressure or PSI, which is available on the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) or through a quick Google search — for WD-40, the optimal vapor pressure is within the 95-115 PSI range. Moreover, don't forget to ensure the nozzle is not simply blocked. By adhering to these guidelines, you can successfully repressurize your can and get it spraying again.