You May Not Be Cleaning Your Shower As Often As You Should

Regular cleaning not only keeps your shower looking nice but also helps prevent the growth of mold, which can be harmful to your health and the structural integrity of your bathroom. As a rule of thumb, aim to do a simple clean every day, a normal clean every week, and a deep clean every month. This maintenance schedule will make the cleaning process easier and more efficient because stains and residue won't sit for too long.

Something important to note about bathroom cleanliness is that the focus is more on controlling the spread of germs and not just tidying up. This means that you will need to clean more frequently than the standard recommendation if someone is sick in your home to curtail the spread of bacteria. This also means you should always practice good hygiene when it comes to this part of the house by washing your hands every time you use the toilet, keeping the lid closed when flushing, cleaning hidden corners, and keeping phones out. Lesser-used bathrooms, such as guest baths, won't need to be cleaned as often as the bathrooms you use frequently. 

Try this cleaning schedule for your shower

Your weekly shower clean should include scrubbing the surfaces by cleaning and wiping down the floors and walls so dirt doesn't accumulate and cleaning the fixtures to keep them free from stains and spots. It also goes a long way to do some day-to-day cleaning. This looks like wiping down the walls and glass doors right after you shower and airing out the bath mats daily or every few days so they don't develop mold or start to smell.

The monthly cleaning should be more intense. First, clear out the bathroom so you can reach all the corners and surfaces when scrubbing. Clean the fixtures, walls, and floors, and switch out the shower curtains. Don't forget to wash or replace personal items like your towel and toothbrush when necessary and to keep accessories like the toothbrush holder clean. Your cabinets and storage compartments shouldn't be left out either. Get rid of anything that you don't use or need anymore to keep them clean and fresh.