Ty Pennington's Bold Countertop Color Choice Adds Unique Charm To An All-White Kitchen

While we see much of their work on set, social media often provides an excellent peek into the homes of design experts behind the scenes, offering a view of the choices they make in their own interiors that rival in beauty with those they make on screen. HGTV's Ty Pennington's former Venice Beach home recently caught Instagram's attention for its vivid blue concrete kitchen counters, which, combined with simple all-white cabinetry and whimsical touches, purely captures the essence of California coastal living.

The azure shade of the counters successfully mimics the surrounding sea and sky. Pennington's Instagram followers likened the counters to the rich shades of Greece and other Mediterranean locales. The effect of the deep and saturated blue kitchen countertops is balanced by the simplicity of the otherwise white room, enhancing the sun-drenched kitchen's beachy feel while still offering a pop of color that feels completely fresh and unexpected.

How to get Pennington's kitchen countertop look

While kitchen trends come and go, some materials remain standard favorites for countertops, including marble and other stones like quartz or granite. Concrete, however, has, in recent years, become a popular alternative for its durability, budget-friendly price, and overall variety. Concrete countertops can be found in standard industrial grays and neutrals, as well as in a number of surprisingly bold colors like Ty Pennington's blue.

If you want to get a similar look in your (perhaps) all-white kitchen, check out your local home improvement store for concrete dyes. The Home Depot, for example, carries more than 10 different dyes in shades of blue, red, green, and yellow. You can even have custom shades developed to perfectly complement your kitchen. Concrete can also be finished to look like other more expensive stone materials like granite and marble, but costs significantly less to install and offers greater durability over time from wearing and scratching.