Turn IKEA Storage Drawers Into A Trendy Nightstand With TikTok's Hack

IKEA products can be attractive and functional, not to mention trendy and affordable. You can also transform them into other practical items by taking advantage of clever DIY hacks. That includes turning a BILLY bookcase and BRIMNES wardrobe into an open closet and using a KALLAX shelf for built-in storage under your stairs. You can also, courtesy of TikTok, take IKEA storage drawers and, with one little (hardware) change, turn them into a chic nightstand.

In this particular hack, TikToker @thepajamahub transforms a HELMER drawer unit. This IKEA item, a set of six drawers, comes in white, black, and blue, as well as a combination of dark and light gray. The filing cabinet also comes with casters, which @thepajamahub chooses to forgo. But this hack really comes down to one small (but huge) change: the hardware. What's even better is that it's a customizable change; you can put your own twist on this IKEA hack to end up with something that's just right for you.

Swap a HELMER's handles for a totally new look

When you purchase IKEA's HELMER storage unit, it'll come with pretty standard handles. Thin and sleek, they're also a little boring. Although there's certainly nothing wrong with them if you want to use this piece as a fully practical item that doesn't need any flair, they're also removable, giving you the perfect opportunity to transform the entire drawer set (as do the optional casters).

To do so, simply swap out the HELMER handles for snazzier ones. In @thepajamahub's video, she opts for contemporary handles with a golden brass finish. But there's really no limit to what new hardware you can choose, from modern matte-black handles to ones that are art deco-inspired, barn door boho-chic, or minimalist in nature.

Further, this is a budget-friendly hack you can switch up as often as you like, whenever your room's style might need an update. Also, if you're up for it, you could try a few other changes. For instance, you could paint the piece an entirely different color, apply some textured wallpaper, or even add a mini mural.