Design Expert Shares Their Best Advice For Fall Decor On A Budget

Putting up fall decor will help you embrace autumn and prepare your home for upcoming festive events, including Halloween shenanigans and Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends. However, you don't necessarily have to blow your budget trying to get your interiors and exteriors fall-ready. Just make subtle changes to the inside of your house while making a statement with your porch. Heather Knight-Willcock, interior designer and decor expert for, shares the same sentiment. "I like to direct most of my budget to my front porch, where I make the most grand gesture to the season," she told the Family Handyman.

For instance, you can bring out your throw blankets, switch pillow and cushion covers, add seasonal flora and fauna, and use plaid tablecloths to ensure your interiors match the seasonal change. If centerpieces are your jam, simply upcycle your old hurricane vase using common fall decor items or tie up dried wheat with colorful embroidery thread. On the other hand, you can also carve out pumpkins, or use string lights, gourds, mums, and other decorative elements to turn your front porch into a fall fantasy land on a budget.

Budgeted fall decor for the front porch

To enjoy cozy nights on your front porch with a cup of steaming hot cider and your favorite book on a budget, ensure your outdoor decorations match the fall vibe. Place some furniture, like benches, sofas, and chairs, outside and add colorful throw pillows and blankets to complete the look. Get pumpkins or gourd lanterns and fairy lights to light the way. Alternatively, you can hang a few bistro lights. But if you'd like something subtle, add a dash of color to your porch with colorful florals like petunias, marigolds, and sunflowers.

If you're looking to incorporate autumn's seasonal colors with natural elements, get a few potted mums and large pumpkins for a bold display. Hollow the pumpkins, remove the flesh, and clean the interiors before placing the pots within. To create a feast for the eyes, get mums in varied shades. Think pink, yellow, purple, orange, white and peach.

However, if the pumpkin patch has been on your mind lately, create your own by placing pumpkins in various sizes and hues on your porch steps. Place metallic, white, orange, and other colorful pumpkins on your porch steps for a whimsical fall decor. Add seasonal evergreens, corn stalks, dried leaves, and bales of hay to complete the look. Don't forget to adorn your front door with a colorful wreath of grapevine, dried flowers, or pecans. You can even get faux garlands in varying shades to make your door stand out.