You Won't Recognize Your Filthy Stair Banister After Cleaning It With This

For many homes, a staircase is a central fixture that adds grace and charm to the interiors. At the heart of this grace is the wood banister — a continuous, elegant handrail that most homeowners take pride in. Yet, as grand as they can appear, wood banisters are, unfortunately, the victims of daily life. With hands constantly gliding over them, they accumulate an incredible amount of grime, dirt, and oils. Over time, they lose their shine and luster, resulting in a dull, grimy appearance. What if we told you there was a way to give your stairs a major glow-up with a fresh look to your wooden banister? 

Enter oil soap — a gentle yet effective cleaner that is primarily designed for wood surfaces. Unlike other harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, oil soap preserves the natural beauty and integrity of the wood. It cleans, conditions, shines, and ensures that the wood doesn't dry out or become damaged. It has the ability to remove stubborn dirt without stripping the wood of its natural oils. Those dark, unsightly patches of built-up grime? They'll be gone, revealing the original, beautiful wood underneath.

To clean your filthy stair banister, you will need an oil soap like Murphy Original Formula, a duster for some initial cleaning, a bucket, some warm water, protective gloves, a sponge or cloth to apply the oil soap, another to wipe it off with water, and a dry cloth (like a microfiber) for finishing touches. Gather all the supplies, and let's get started! 

How to use oil soap to clean your wooden banister

Using oil soap is quite straightforward. Before you begin, ensure that you dust off the banister to remove any loose dirt or particles for an even clean. Next, prepare your solution by following the manufacturer's instructions, but typically, you'll mix a ratio of oil soap with water. Using a cloth or sponge, apply the mixture to the banister, following the grain of the wood. With a separate clean cloth dampened with water, wipe off the oil soap. Lastly, with a dry soft cloth, buff the wood to reveal its beautiful luster.

There are a few things to note regarding oil soap. It can make surfaces sticky, especially if it's not thoroughly rinsed off or if there's an overspill onto the floor. Ensure you wipe off any excess solution and be cautious when walking around the cleaned area. While oil soap is generally milder than many other cleaning agents, some people might still be sensitive to it. It's always a good idea to wear gloves to prevent potential skin irritations. Before applying the oil soap to the entire banister, test a small, inconspicuous area first. This ensures that the soap won't damage the finish or discolor the wood.

With oil soap in your cleaning arsenal, your wood banister will be given new life, elevating the elegance of your staircase. So, grab that bottle of oil soap and let the transformation begin.