Prevent Bent Nails When Hammering With This Clever Wine Cork Hack

We've all been there: you're trying to hang a picture, secure a piece of furniture, or complete any number of DIY tasks, and the nail bends as soon as you try to hammer it in. It's a frustrating problem that's all too common, especially when dealing with thicker walls. But did you know there's a simple and handy solution that can be found right in your kitchen or wine cellar? Enter the wine cork hack.

When you are dealing with a tough material or trying to hammer in a nail at a specific angle, the nail can often bend or go awry. This can be due to the pressure applied, the nail's quality, or simply bad luck. Regardless of the cause, bent nails can waste a lot of time or, worse, ruin your project. But with this nifty trick, you can ensure a properly hammered nail every time. All you need is a hammer, some nails, a utility knife, and a wine cork, of course.

Using this hack offers several benefits when hammering a nail. A wine cork provides a larger and more comfortable grip, enabling you to position and hold the nail with stability. It also acts as a buffer — as you hammer the nail, the cork absorbs some of the force, reducing the chances of bending the nail.  Finally, for those who are a bit clumsy or just starting out with DIY projects, the wine cork can act as a protective barrier, preventing you from hammering a finger.

How to hammer a nail with the wine cork hack

To get started, you need to get a wine cork. Any wine cork will do, whether it's from a recently opened bottle of your favorite Merlot or an old cork you've had stashed in a drawer. Just ensure it's free of damage and cracks to get the best results. Take your nail and push it into the wine cork, ensuring that the tip remains visible — this turns your cork into a stable and controlled holder for the nail.

Now, it's hammer time. With the nail snugly inserted into the wine cork, position the nail's tip where you want it on the wall. Using your hammer, carefully and slowly drive the nail into the wall. Once the nail has been securely hammered in, you'll need to remove the wine cork. It might be tempting to try and pull or twist the cork off, but this is a mistake. Doing so could take the nail out of the wall or cause damage. Instead, use a sharp knife to carefully cut the cork away from the nail. The cork should come off easily, leaving your nail perfectly placed in the wall.

So, the next time you're getting ready to hang that family portrait or put together a piece of furniture, remember this clever wine cork hack. And as a bonus, you have the perfect excuse to open a bottle of wine and enjoy a celebratory glass or two once your project is complete!