Turn Your IKEA Brimnes Cabinet Into A Budget-Friendly Home Bar

Whether you have free space in your home you're looking to fill or want to add luxury to your daily life, a home bar can do the trick. The best part about this DIY project is that it's totally budget-friendly thanks to IKEA's inexpensive furniture. Transforming the Swedish retailer's cabinets into a home bar is a great use of their versatility and for sneaking in a luxurious accommodation without hefty renovation costs.

These cabinets make great home bars for their depth and capacity. The Brimnes cabinets come in solid door or glass door options for your preference and have plenty of room for your beverages or barware items. You can also choose between the black or white colors for either a moody or brightening effect for your entire setup.

First, you'll need a complete vision of how you want the bar to look when it's finished. YouTube user, HS Design Studio, decided to add blue shiplap to the wall above the cabinets as a unique extra element. However, if you don't feel like going the extra mile with shiplap, a painted wall or wallpaper both work well as a backdrop.

How to transform your IKEA Brimnes into a home bar

Not only are the IKEA cabinets cost-effective, but installing them yourself makes the project cheaper than hiring a professional for the job. Plus, thisĀ is a great project for most DIY levels. While it might be budget-friendly thanks to its cost-saving materials and personal installation, it will look like a custom addition to your space.

Gather your cabinets, a countertop to place on top, and wood to create a floating shelf above the cabinets. Start by putting your cabinets together by following the instructions in each box. Once they're assembled, place them side by side to create a base for the bar. Depending on the width of your wall, you can fill it with cabinetry, or add shelving to fill any openings as in the YouTube demo. Paint any unfinished wood to match the cabinets for a seamless look.

The next step is working on the counter, which can be made from butcher block (also available at IKEA) after measuring out the length, width, and depth of the top space. You'll also want to purchase or cut the shelf the same width but with a shallower depth. Mount this above the counter for extra display space or storage for items like glassware. Finally, fill your cabinets with your bar supplies and enjoy your new stunning storage.