Whatever Happened To Fresh Patch – Indoor Grass For Your Dog After Shark Tank Season 6?

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When Andrew Feld moved into a condo with his family in 2010, he noticed his dog, Chloe, struggling now that she no longer had a backyard. Feld started placing patches of sod on his balcony to provide his dog with a piece of real grass and while Chloe was appreciative, the dirt from the sod got everywhere. From this experience, Feld developed Fresh Patch, real patches of grass that allow dogs to go to the bathroom when home alone or during bad weather. Because the grass is grown hydroponically, there's no dirt involved and the roots of the grass absorb odors from urine.

While traditional pee pads and artificial grass can encourage dogs to do their business on similar man-made materials, Fresh Patch keeps dogs trained to use real grass. Because the grass tends to die after a while, Feld developed a subscription service, allowing customers to have Fresh Patches delivered on a set schedule.

What happened to Fresh Patch on Shark Tank?

Andrew Feld went into the tank seeking $150,000 for 10% equity in Fresh Patch. Before appearing on "Shark Tank," Fresh Patch had already reached $1 million in sales, and Feld hoped that an investment from the Sharks would allow him to open another distribution center to lower shipping costs. Feld explained to the Sharks that each Fresh Patch cost $5 to produce and $7 to $15 to ship, while customers paid only $25 for each patch.

Kevin O'Leary made Fresh Patch its first offer, $150K for 33.3% of the company, but Feld was concerned that this was too much equity to give up. Barbara Corcoran jumped in to propose a deal of $150K for 20%, as long as Feld agreed to bring his product into retail stores. O'Leary lowered his offer to match Corcoran's but without the added contingency. Mark Cuban was interested and asked Corcoran if he could partner with her, and the two joined in on Corcoran's original offer. Feld took the deal, walking away with an investment from the two Sharks.

Fresh Patch after Shark Tank

After appearing on the show, Fresh Patch gained popularity and was featured on Oprah, The Today Show, Forbes, and various other media outlets. While Andrew Feld agreed to a partnership with Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran on "Shark Tank," the deal fell through during negotiations about a month after filming.

Fresh Patch's investment from the Sharks may not have worked out, but Feld was happy for the exposure. In an interview with the news outlet for his alma mater, Emory University, Feld explained his experience of being on the show. "You are at the mercy of whatever happens in there," Feld told Emory News Center. "I feel I got the best of both worlds. I got validation from the Sharks for my product, which translated into a favorable response from the audience, and I still own 100% of my company. I don't have to answer to anyone."

Fresh Patch is still thriving

Though Andrew Feld's deal with the Sharks fell through, the company continues to be successful. Fresh Patch went from delivering about 15 grass patches locally each week at the start of the business to shipping tens of thousands of units across the country per week in 2021. The company has also developed new products since its appearance on the show, including four sizes of fresh grass pads, plastic trays and wooden sleeves to hold the grass, sprays that help your dog know where to go potty and prevent odors, and training treats. Fresh Patch recently released a cabana with a roof that can cover the grass pads. The company's products are currently for sale on their website and Amazon.

Feld has used the company's success to support pets in need in his community. In an interview with Entrepreneur, Feld talked about his work with local animal shelters. "We give back to lots of local shelters in the Los Angeles area. We donate our grass every week, and it makes it easier for the people working at the shelters." Feld also explained that because the dogs are already potty-trained when they get adopted, it makes for an easier transition for them and their new families.

What's next for Andrew Feld and Fresh Patch?

For the last 13 years, Andrew Feld has worked to make Fresh Patch a success and continues to operate as the company's president. Though Fresh Patch was originally invented for dogs, the company now also provides grass pads for cats and other indoor pets to play on and enjoy. In 2021, Fresh Patch relocated to a larger facility in Oxnard, California. When Feld first started Fresh Patch, the company functioned out of a 200-square-foot storage unit, and its success has brought it to its new 14,190-square-foot warehouse.

In an interview with Entrepreneur, Feld explained the work that goes into owning a business and gave advice for people looking to start a company: "I would only go down this path if you can't sleep at night because you're thinking about your idea and you can't picture yourself doing anything else, because if you're not going to be able to put [100%] of yourself into it, it'll be very tough to succeed."