Try This Easy Magnet Hack For Storing Small Screws

Whether you're a DIYer or a craftsperson, you know how stressful it can be to keep your garage organized. When you have screws, washers, nuts, drill bits, etc., scattered around your garage, they're easy to lose and create a cluttered mess. While many small bits of hardware are sold in containers, they can pile up and take up space. Regardless of how many storage organizers you use, things always end up in different places when you're working on a project. Instead of constantly cleaning up and reorganizing your workspace, try YouTuber Mother Daughter Project DIY's magnetic hack. They arranged all of their screws, bolts, and washers on one wall without taking up counter space by using a long wood panel and a couple of IKEA magnetic knife racks.

Say goodbye to spending hours categorizing your tools and tidbits before and after your projects. This DIY project is easy enough for all skill levels. You can get this done in a few hours. You'll need a piece of wooden scrap board, brackets, small 4-ounce plastic containers with lids, large washers, E6000 glue, a circular saw, and two IKEA magnetic racks. You can also use standard magnetic strips that you can find at your local hardware store. Here's the step-by-step tutorial.

Keep your screws in one place with magnets

Start by gathering your screws and organizing them into the plastic containers. Place a large washer on top of each lid, glue them with E6000, and set them aside. Allow the glue to dry for 24 hours. Then, choose where you want your magnetic shelf to hang in your garage. It can fit anywhere, but remember it will hang horizontally across the wall. Once you find a perfect spot, measure the length of your wood scrap board by lining up the containers to ensure they all fit. Cut the board to size with your circular saw.

Next, locate the studs in the wall with a magnetic stud finder; you'll need to attach the brackets to them. After you find the studs, mark them and attach the brackets to the board first to ensure they align with the marks. Attach the magnetic racks to the board's bottom following the instructions. Hang the board on the wall and secure the brackets with screws. Finally, place all your plastic containers on the magnetic strip, and you're done! You'll never have to look for screws or find random screws around the garage again. Plus, you get extra storage space on top of the wooden board to store other supplies that might need a home.