How A Simple IKEA Stool Can Upgrade Your Indoor Plant Game

When decorating your home with indoor plants, they're often placed in the same areas. For example, they occupy coffee tables, floating shelves, bookcases, and near windows. While displaying plants in various rooms adds texture and color to a mundane space, having them in typical areas can feel repetitive. Instead of sticking to tables and shelves, use something entirely different, like an IKEA stool, to upgrade your plant placement. DIY enthusiast Medina Grillo (@grillodesigns) created a fun planter shelf using only IKEA's FROSTA stool. She makes two semi-circles from the seat, cuts holes in them to hold her plants, and hangs them on a wall to give the illusion that they're floating.

Plants can be beneficial to your health. They help purify your air by absorbing toxins and producing oxygen to give you a cleaner, high-air-quality home. You'll be less stressed and more relaxed with plants in your home. You might go plant crazy at the store and buy more than you have places to situate them, but the IKEA stool hack gives you extra places to display them. Grillo's hack is quick and effortless. You'll need an IKEA FROSTA stool, a drill and hole saw kit, liquid nail glue, a few screws, a jigsaw or circular saw, furniture self-adhesive covers, and your plant.

Steps to make the stool planter shelf

Once you gather your materials, take them to your craft station. To begin, measure and cut the stool seat into two even semi-circles with your circular saw or jigsaw. Then, using the drill and hole saw kit, mark the center holes for each shelf with the 5-inch drill piece and cut two holes in the center of each semi-circle. You want the circles to be slightly smaller than the circumference of your plant to prevent it from falling through the hole. Next, measure one of the legs against the semi-circle and cut the end where it bends to create the shelf bracket. Repeat the step with the other leg.

After the legs are cut, drill a hole on each end of the leg. You'll be able to secure the leg brackets to the shelf after you've glued them. Glue the legs to the backside of the semi-circles and let them dry overnight. Add the screws to the holes you made to secure the brackets. The next day, find a place to hang your new shelf, ensuring the area gets a lot of sun for your plant. Hang the shelf with appropriate wall fixings, insert your pot, and voila, a new planter shelf! DIYer Grillo stacked both shelves on the same wall so that the water from the top fell to the one below. She glued a drainage dish with penny coins to the bottom of the planter to catch the water.