DIY A Spooky Halloween Skeleton Using Items From The Dollar Tree

Depending on your neighborhood, you've probably noticed that some folks get really excited during Halloween, buying elaborate animatronic displays, installing orange and purple lighting, and even switching on fog machines or creaky sound effects. Other people place two or three unique-looking decorative pumpkins that are just as effective at creating a festive vibe. We don't believe you need to become a Hollywood set decorator for an awesome Halloween with fantastic decorations regardless of your budget. All of the components of this DIY life-sized skeleton come directly from the Dollar Tree. It might cost you between $15 and $20, and your family will love the result!

Although you might already have a few of these on hand, if you don't, most objects are super easy to repurpose after the holiday. Your skeleton will be a combination of unexpected household items (a mop stick, black plastic rectangular table cover, plastic laundry basket, large LED pillar candle, one pool noodle, a black plastic hanger, zip ties, and a metal paper towel holder.) It will also need a few spooktacular, Halloween-specific items, including a creepy chain, two skeleton hands, two "creepy cloths" (decorative black mesh fabric), and a Halloween skull mask surrounded by black fabric. Aside from the zip ties, if you have scissors and a roll of clear tape, you can easily assemble all the pieces.

A Dollar Tree skeleton step-by-step

To create a base for the "body," flip a laundry basket upside down and place your metal paper towel holder in the center, securing it to the basket with four zip ties, then snip off the excess plastic tails. Rest a mop stick against the paper towel holder and secure them with plenty of Scotch tape. Tape one of the hangers to the stick to create fake shoulders then cut the pool noodle in half. These will be the skeleton's arms, so rig them with zip ties to the top outer edges of the hanger. You can shove the skeleton hands right into the end of the foam "arms."

Position the middle of the black table cover around the top of the mop stick and cut a hole to place it over the stick, draping it like a robe — maybe cinching it at the "waist" in the back with tape to make a human shape. Taking the creepy mesh fabric pieces, place them over the arms and down the middle. Then, take a skeleton mask surrounded by black fabric and pop it on top of the mop stick. For your final touches, place the chain in one hand and the LED candle in the other. Turn on the candle, and you're the official ruler of budget-friendly Halloween decor!