Whatever Happened To Click & Carry Bag Carrier Handle After Shark Tank Season 12?

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Kim Meckwood brought her invention, the Click and Carry bag handle, onto "Shark Tank" in 2020. The Click and Carry is a padded handle that can hold up to 80 pounds and twists open and clicks shut to hold the handles of plastic grocery bags, gym bags, or anything else you find yourself lugging around. The bag-carrying handle can rest on your shoulder to keep your hands free or be held in the hand, allowing you to carry more bags at one time without hurting your fingers.

Meckwood came up with the invention because of a dream. "So the idea came to me in a dream, but the truth of the matter is I had this boyfriend, and when we broke up I had to carry my own groceries. I really think that your subconscious finds the answers for you, and it appeared in a dream," Meckwood told the Sharks. At the time of filming, Click and Carry had been on the market for five years and had made approximately $625,000 in sales.

What happened to Click and Carry on Shark Tank?

When Kim Meckwood walked into the tank, she hoped to secure a $225,000 investment for 15% of Click and Carry. Meckwood had auditioned for the show seven times before getting to pitch her invention to the Sharks, and she was determined to find the right deal for her company. The inventor explained that each of her products cost $1.85 to manufacture and were sold for $9.99. Though the company had sold $70,000 of its bag handles in the year before filming, some of the Sharks were skeptical about Click and Carry's sales.

In a surprise turn, Barbara Corcoran asked Meckwood if she would consider selling her entire business and offered a deal of $225K for 85% of the company. Meckwood wasn't willing to give up this much equity, but still hoped for a deal. Mark Cuban decided to partner with Corcoran, offering Meckwood the $225k for 40% equity. Meckwood took the deal, walking away from the tank with two Sharks on her team.

Click and Carry after Shark Tank

In a Q&A with Kim Meckwood on Click and Carry's website, the inventor explained how her appearance on "Shark Tank" affected her company once the episode aired. "First, our sales increased five-fold. It's been so exciting! Click & Carry has also been featured in articles and news clips including on MSNBC.com, in Redbook Magazine, and in Reader's Digest," Meckwood said.

In an interview with her alma mater, San Diego State University, Meckwood explained that when found out her episode would air, she left her job in pharmaceutical sales to focus on her business full-time. "I knew I was going to be very busy fulfilling orders and fielding calls. The PR from the show provided a huge jump start to product sales..." she said. Despite the success of the product, Click and Carry had issues getting its bag handles to customers on time because of how busy the United States Postal Service was at the end of 2020.

Click and Carry is still in business

Since Kim Meckwood's appearance on "Shark Tank" in late 2020, Click and Carry has been seeing success. The Click and Carry bag handles can currently be purchased from the company's website, Amazon, Lowe's, and Walmart for $13.99. The company also came out with a special pink Click and Carry with a pink ribbon on the handle in November 2021. 10% of the profits from these bag handles are donated to the National Breast Cancer Coalition.

Meckwood announced the new product in a blog post on the company's website, explaining that because she herself is a two-time breast cancer survivor, she wanted to create this special product in order to support advocacy and education surrounding the disease. Though the blog post stated that only 5,000 of the breast cancer awareness bag handles would be manufactured, they are still for sale on the company's website.

What's next for Kim Meckwood and Click and Carry?

Kim Meckwood is still heavily involved with Click and Carry and is currently acting as the company's Chief Executive Officer. When Meckwood appeared on the show, she told the Sharks that she had other ideas for interesting inventions. No new products besides the bag handle to support breast cancer awareness are being sold on the company's website however, and it's unclear if Meckwood still plans to develop her other ideas.

In January of 2019, Click and Carry announced that it sponsored Canine Companions, a non-profit agency that trains service dogs for those with disabilities. Though it's unclear if the company still supports Canine Companions, its social media showcases dogs that have learned to use the Click and Carry to give their owners an extra hand. The company also made two dogs, Charlie and Kole, official brand ambassadors. Since going on "Shark Tank," Meckwood has devoted her life to Click and Carry, bringing the company to success.