Here's How You Can Elevate Your Space With The Help Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has taken the internet by storm, and it's become a trend to use for photographic purposes. There are dozens of AI tools on the market that generate images from keywords and phrases, creating fun filters on social media, eerie artwork, and home design concept art. These photos are created by dropping hints to a computer program, which then uses an algorithm to develop images based on what it "thinks" it's being told to make.

AI optimizes the home design process, creating visual representations that make picking out furniture, decorative objects, and color schemes easier. It lets people experiment with risky styles they may not have the confidence to attempt on their own, whether they're going for a classic, glamorous, rustic, or off-beat eccentric aesthetic. With the large demand for AI software for interior and exterior decorating, dozens of AI programs have hit the market.

Although many of them serve a similar purpose, there are small differences that may be more appealing to you based on your personal skillsets, intentions, and budget. Below are several AI softwares that are largely dedicated to interior decorating. Learn more about them to determine which are most suited for your needs and decorating dreams.

Use Midjourney to conjure interior design photos with one command

Midjourney is not explicitly built for interior design purposes; rather, it's an independent AI research company. Their tools are used to make digital art, special effects, and customized advertising. However, one of their programs has become a sublime tool for casual and professional interior design ventures.

Using Midjourney requires some computer literacy, as the most common way of using it is via a Discord account. Using Discord, aspiring decorators type a command to input their decorative preferences, including themes, colors, and furniture styles, to generate a three-dimensional (3D) image of a space. You can even specify the lighting, size restrictions, and layout, tailoring the image to the real-life room in question. If you generate an image of a kitchen with closed shelves, you can specify that you want an open-shelf kitchen, slowly doctoring the image to bring your fantasy to life.

The only thing to keep in mind is that you only get 25 free "commands" to create your image before this AI program is locked behind a paywall. They offer monthly subscriptions ranging from $10 to $120 a month, or you can get a hefty discount by investing in an annual subscription which ranges from $8-$96 a month. Currently, the images you develop using their site are free to use as you see fit, as long as you are not a company making more than one million dollars in revenue per year.

Visit Interior AI to design empty room photos

Considering their headline is, "Fire your interior designer," Interior AI is a software that many professionals don't advertise using. This AI program is developed specifically for home decorating purposes and constantly updates to create a better user experience. In fact, the latest update was released September 13, 2023, and allows you to search the furniture generated in the images through Google Lens, so you can find their real-life look-a-likes!

This program is quite straightforward to use. To begin, you upload a photo of your current interior. You then pick the type of room, the style, the number of images you want to generate, the resolution, and whether your image is private or public. There are over 32 pre-selected styles to choose from, giving you a range that includes vastly different designs, including contemporary, cottagecore, cyberpunk, rustic, and more.

Creating a public low-resolution image is free, but if you want to explore options aside from picking a style, you'll need to subscribe to their Pro Plan. This subscription is $29 a month or $290 a year and ultimately provides more creative freedom. It also removes the watermark and permits a commercial usage license for the photos generated.

Toy with Smartdraw to drag and drop simple images in AI-generated room templates

Many people consider AI a modern concept, but the first "boom" was during the 1980s. Smartdraw Software appeared about a decade later, and has since developed an interior design program you don't want to pass up. It doesn't create the pretty 3D models seen in other AI softwares but creates more of a 2D basic line-art template.

This program lets you create floor plans with thousands of visual icons for in-depth designing of rooms. According to their website, they have icons for cabinetry, furniture, fixtures, HVAC systems, landscaping elements, security systems, wiring, and more. Every item can be scaled proportionately using their ruler and grid software and clicked and dragged as you see fit. The powerful tools and drag-and-drop capabilities make it easy to use and basic in appearance, making it a great source before you start choosing more specific colors and styles.

There are floor plans for commercial, residential, and landscaping ideas, which are already pre-generated by their software. Though it should be known that you can also start from scratch and forgo their AI assistance. Payment for this product is billed annually; it's $119.20 for individuals, $297 for three people, or $2,995 for an entire organization.

Utilize REimagine Home to fill empty rooms or restyle already designed rooms

REimagine Home is exactly what it sounds like – an AI application that allows you to upload a current image of your room and replace its contents with computer-generated designs. Their AI system evaluates interior architectural elements and room types, creating an image based on your entered color and stylistic preferences. This app works with rooms that are already filled with furniture, meaning you don't have to move out furniture before snapping a picture.

You begin by uploading the photo of the space you want to design in PNG, JPG, HEIC, HEIF, or JPG format. Then you're given a choice between advanced options or getting a "surprise me" result. Under advanced options, aspiring designers choose the design theme, color palette, and other ideas to generate a design. The differentiator between this AI app and others is that you can reimagine both the furnishings and architectural elements. The flooring, walls, and ceilings are changeable, in addition to the furniture, giving you complete creative control over the space.

While this site is free to use, you do have to pay to download images. It doesn't follow a typical subscription plan. Instead, you can buy credits, meaning you can pay to download 10, 35, or 100 images. It's a better deal if you buy more upfront since the 10-image option costs $19, the 35 is $49, and the 100 is $99 total.

Employ Foyr Neo to develop a floor plan with AI and live professional assistance

Foyr Neo is all about speed, promising an easy all-in-one tool that delivers in minutes. Upon making an account, you're brought to a dashboard where you can create a sample room in 2D, customize the design in 3D, and generate a realistic rendered image. The biggest perk of this AI software is that the user interface is pretty and straightforward. A sidebar holds your in-progress projects, saved renders, an inspirational gallery, and other account settings, streamlining navigation.

You can use your own photos or photos from their pre-made galleries, tailoring the photo with keywords and decorative product images. If you want more than just AI assistance, this site's differentiator is that they also have a community of live person professional designers at your disposal. All you have to do is fill out a request form, and three to five days later, one of their team members can handle any concerns that the AI doesn't address.

You can use Foyr Neo for free for up to 14 days with no strings attached; there's no downloading or credit card information necessary. They hold routine sales to watch for if you don't have a high budget for your designing aspirations, and their latest summer and fall sales each offered 40% off yearly plans. After their trial period ends, choose between a basic, standard, or premium plan ranging from $44 to $159 a month if you want to pay monthly or annually. The more expensive the plan is, the more renders you can create and the more users allowed on an account. Higher-paying users also get included Masterclass sessions and a site walk-through for those interested in advancing their design knowledge on a professional level.

Apply Spacely AI to organize designs and explore multiple tools

Spacely AI is a common program used by casual interior decorators, and its AI encompasses more than just one tool. This company has an entire collection of online resources to fulfill any stylistic need you can think of. All you have to do is create an account to keep your designs, styles, and favorites bookmarked and easy to find. In creating your profile, the site even offers an introductory tutorial that gives a walkaround of the site so you can discover the potential within.

As of writing this, ten tools are currently available to users, and two are in development. Most of the tools allow users to merge photos and ideas, alter items in the images, enhance the resolution, and remove unwanted pixels. There's even a feng shui analysis option where you can upload your room, and the AI will provide a wordy response detailing what changes should be made.

In short, Spacely AI operates quite similarly to other interior design applications but has a rare perk among these platforms. You don't have to pay a dime to use any of their features as long as you limit yourself to ten generated images per day. Although the unpaid plan gives you unlimited access to the tool compendium, upgrading to a Pro Plan is only $9 a month. In addition to removing the ten-image cap, this plan removes watermarks and tracks your generation history, making it easier to undo or redo changes to your images.

Make use of Oda Moodboard to develop a room from personal style, color choices, and miscellaneous additions

Oda Studio operates similarly to many other interior design apps on this list. Using reference photos, the software develops an image that can be staged and altered to your preferences. To begin, you upload your own picture (PNG, JPG, HEIF, HEIC, GIF & WEBP formatted), use a random image provided by the site, or directly link to an online Zillow listing.

If you use your own or a sample photo, the software asks you to identify the room type and choose your desired style, and the AI generates an image. The styles are limited but based on real-life brands, and you can choose between IKEA. Wayfair, and West Elm. If you take the other route and utilize Zillow, you'll have a slightly different experience.

The integration of Zillow is a streamlined way of experimenting with designs in homes you may be interested in. You don't have to download individual images from the site and re-upload them. Instead, all you must do is copy and paste the URL. With this line of code, Oda Moodboard takes images directly from the source, making it a great resource for people in the process of moving or flipping homes. On a side note, downloading the high-resolution images is completely free.

Take advantage of Homestyler to create and edit interior designs with in-house programs

Homestyler is a resource for anyone dabbling in interior decorating, including professional designers, retailers, real estate agents, and casual homeowners. It's essentially a social network of AI-driven interior design software with a community full of galleries, forums, tutorials, and competitions. It's accessible via desktop and on iOS and Android.

The Homestyler AI Designer portion of their website allows you to upload an image, choose between nine decorative styles, pick the room type, and generate one to three designs. The AI aspect is still new on this site, but you can download the created image and use it with other tools on the site. For example, you can download the AI-generated picture and upload it into their 3D styler, and their system will create an automatic floor plan based on that photo.

Due to this site's repertoire of tools and high-quality renderings, the basic free plan is very limited. To make full use of the AI, you must invest in a pro plan for $4.99 a month or a master plan for $9.99 a month. Or if you only want access to the AI-generated images, you can buy credits. Each credit allows you to generate one image, and there are several options for this purchase: 20 credits for $4.99, 100 credits for $5.99, and 200 credits for $10.99. 

Apple users can use Decormatters for AI and augmented reality

Decormatters is another interior design-focused software that combines computer intelligence and human collaboration to help users explore ideas. It's currently an iOS app, and it cannot be used in a browser or via Android phones. However, Apple product owners can create an account and become a part of an active community and regularly updated blog.

Although much of the app involves real-person interactions, the algorithm that provides recommendations and automates lower-level tasks, such as choosing materials and colors, is powered by their AI. Colors, materials, patterns, sizes, and other preferences are suggested based on your activity, streamlining the design process. It has an augmented reality feature that lets you try out ideas in your home in real-time, allowing you to virtually decorate without the hassle and risk of purchasing an incompatible piece of furniture. The app also collaborates with popular furniture and home decor companies, including Overstock, Pier1 Imports, Wayfair, World Market, and more, letting you use real furniture options when crafting your interior design concept.

Developers allow users to sign up and use most of the app for free. However, you will have to dish out some money to access certain features and get unlimited access. Decormatters also has a unique offering called Bundles, where you can buy exclusive decor collections at a discount. These are not real-life furniture pieces but are digital items for jazzing up your floor plan and concept image.

Seek out AI Two to convert interior design sketches into realistic images

Multiple AI tools are hosted at "AI Two," an AI-powered interior design platform with nearly 5,000 users. The company behind this site also owns the sites "Remodel AI" and "AI Interior Design," and all three of their platforms are specialized for home remodeling purposes. On "AI Two," you can use their tools to redesign interiors, remodel exteriors, create architectural models, and convert sketches into realistic images.

The interior design program follows a similar format as previously listed AI tools, letting you choose the desired room type, style, and color palette. For the exterior architectural-focused tools, it lets you choose what type of structure you wish to modify; i.e a house, mansion, apartment, and various commercial buildings. Unlike most AI softwares that are purposed for residential buildings, this site lets you design airports, museums, restaurants, retail shops, and even religious buildings. You can even define the type of weather when transforming a sketch to reality, which provides a truly all-encompassing experience.

If you verify your email, you can get three designs from this site for free. However, further usage is locked behind a paywall to support to the developers who are adding new designs, updates, and fixes to the software monthly. When no special offers are active, the plus plan costs $44.99 a month and the premium plan is $149 a month. These plans offer more designs, commercial usage licenses, and access to the entire site. Keep in mind that this subscription is solely for "AI Two." If you're interested in Remodel AI or AI Interior Design, you'll need to subscribe via those websites.