DIY A Pool Noodle Christmas Tree With A Few Simple Dollar Tree Items

Potted Christmas trees, natural or artificial, can often be expensive at retailers, particularly those designed to be outdoor and durable. While the vision of a festive holiday porch or pathway lined with small potted trees may be your dream, the price tag to purchase one, let alone several, may cause you to rethink those seasonal decorating plans. However, one way to save is to DIY your own. As Bargain Bethany demonstrated on YouTube, you can take pool noodles and other inexpensive (dollar store) items and turn them into a tree perfect for Christmas.

All you need are pool noodles, hot glue, a large plastic planter, decorative rocks or pebbles, and evergreen garland. For the garland, you can pick up lengths of 15 feet for $1.25 each at Dollar Tree. These pool noodle trees can be as short or as tall as you like, depending on how many pool noodles you use. Further, because these DIY trees are made of water-resistant foam, they'll withstand cold and damp winter weather, so they're practical for outdoor use where they'll stay looking good all season.

Make a holiday tree from pool noodles

To craft a pool noodle Christmas tree, begin by cutting your first pool noodle down to size. When arranged in a circle, it needs to be slightly larger than the opening of your pot so it doesn't fall inside. Repeat with additional lengths of pool noodles stacked on top of each other until they form a cone shape. Secure each ring with duct tape. Next, take each foam wreath and wrap garland around the circle until it's fully covered, securing the ends with glue. According to Bargain Bethany, cutting the garland into smaller lengths will make the wrapping far easier as you pull it through and arrange the greenery.

Before stacking your wrapped rings permanently on top of the planter, fill the inside of the planter with heavy material like stones, bricks, or pebbles to keep the tree from being too top-heavy or blowing over if outdoors. When ready to add the rings, start with the widest ring and adhere it to the planter with hot glue. Continue with each subsequently smaller ring. To create the top of the pool noodle Christmas tree, you can add an extra piece of pool noodle to create a point, and then cover this with garland, too. Once your tree's fully assembled and glued, you can decorate it, using low-cost holiday ornaments, ribbons, and flowers or floral picks, which can all be glued to the garland or stuck inside the foam.