TikTok's Newest Obsession Is A Window Vacuum & We're In Awe Of Its Power

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Cleaning is unavoidable, but it doesn't have to be a chore. You can expedite the time it takes you to clean your windows — and more — thanks to an incredible window vacuum that TikTok is wild for. You can purchase the Kärcher 2-in-1 Window Vacuum Squeegee on Amazon, cleaning a ton of different surfaces around your home but with much less stress. Even better, you can use this incredible vacuum on other surfaces, including glass cooktop stoves, shower doors, and mirrors. You can also use it on other glass surfaces around your home, such as tables and door inserts. 

Glass becomes grimy thanks to grease and steam, especially in your bathroom and kitchen. Cleaning these surfaces can often require a significant amount of elbow grease, not to mention paper towels. But this handy vacuum sucks away water and soap, which means you don't need to waste resources (namely, paper products) as you clean your home. This streamlines the cleaning process so your house is sparkling with much less effort. Another challenging part of your cleaning routine is probably your bathtub. If you have glass shower doors, then you know how quickly soap scum can accrue. However, you can use this window vacuum to keep your shower clean, using it once a week or whenever you start to see grime begin to form. 

Remove excess liquid with a window vacuum

Just like with a traditional vacuum, a window vacuum has a motor. But instead of sucking up dirt and debris from your floor, it sucks up water and soap (or whatever cleaning product you use), similar to a wet vac. Collected water goes into a container, which you then need to empty. According to @anna_louisa_at_home, all you need to do is use this window vacuum the same way you'd use a squeegee. If you're cleaning your sliding glass doors, you can use a Swiffer cleaning hack to loosen any particles, followed by this window vacuum to thoroughly remove any liquid. The results are perfectly streak-free surfaces every time. 

Since paper towels end up in landfills, it's important to find eco-friendly, renewable ways of cleaning. While a great alternative is using old towels (or t-shirts!) to clean your house, you may want something even easier. That's where this window vacuum comes into play. As it sucks up water, you won't need to worry about drying off any surfaces. You'll also remove dirt from glass surfaces without scratching them, thanks to the microfiber pad that comes with this vacuum. Even better, you can use it for upwards of 25 minutes (when fully charged), which means you can clean a significant portion of your home's glass surfaces without needing to stop and recharge your vacuum.