Save Your Soda Can Tabs For An Extra Organized Closet

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It's always nice to have a lot of clothing options, but what if you run out of room in your closet? Or perhaps you have various outfits that you prefer to always keep together, or you just want to better organize your closet. If you have some soda cans in your home, save them; you can use the tabs to make extra hanging room -– in the form of cascading hangers.

Simply take one tab and feed the hanger hook into one of the holes until the tab is resting at the base of the hook. Then take a second hanger and feed it into the other tab opening. You can repeat this a couple more times, adding to the same original hanger depending on the length and weight of your garments. Just be sure not to add too many to a single hanger. Especially if you have standard plastic hangers, which can only hold 7 to 10 pounds.

While you can easily buy products on Amazon that are designed to give you the same space-saving, cascading hanger effect, you may still find the aluminum tabs to be the better option. Plus, using them is a great way to repurpose something that may otherwise end up in a landfill.

Why soda can tabs work better than other hanger products

A quick Amazon search reveals many space-saving hanger options, including the BriaUSA Cascade Hangers Swivel Hooks. These work the same way that soda can tabs do. The main difference, though, is these hangers feature built-in gaps for the next hanger to sit in. While the product received mostly positive reviews on Amazon, some customers described the hangers as "too slippery" and of "poor quality."

DUCOO's five-holed magic hangers are another Amazon option, but many reviewers claimed the hangers are "not very strong," "cheap," and "flimsy." Just as with the cascade hangers, these magic hangers are intended to be used as the main hooks that rest on the horizontal bar in your closet.

Since soda can tabs are removable, you can use them on any hanger you want, as long as the hook fits through the tab openings. This addresses the inconvenience in both of the aforementioned Amazon products. And if you already regularly purchase soda cans, you can think of the tabs as a free and unintentional space-saving option for your hangers, compared to products that were made specifically for that purpose. They're free, they're durable, and they offer more flexibility than many other space-saving hanger options.