Get Your Glass Stove Top Shining With This Dryer Sheet Hack

Many people believe that glass stove tops are much easier to clean than traditional burner ones, but that doesn't mean they don't need any maintenance. While they don't have as many nooks and crannies that you need to get into, they're still susceptible to grime buildup and getting food baked onto the glass. This requires heavy scrubbing, forcing you to use more than just a little elbow grease. However, something in your laundry room can make cleaning that burnt food much easier: dryer sheets.

While you might use dryer sheets in your laundry room to soften your towels and work shirts, you can use them in the kitchen to tackle the most challenging stove stains. This is a great kitchen cleaning hack to try since it uses something you already have on hand, and it gives the cleaning product a second job around the house, making it even more useful. Curious about how it works? Here's how to use a dryer sheet to clean your glass stove top.

How to use a dryer sheet to clear burnt food

To use a dryer sheet in the kitchen, all you need to do is use it as a product-laden sponge. Simply soak it in a container of water for five to 15 minutes to activate the product inside, wring it out so the sheet is just damp and not sopping wet, and use it like a sponge on the stovetop. You can use it to wipe the appliance clean — removing any grease and gunk — or ball it up and use it as an abrasive on the caked-on food that won't budge.

If you have difficult stains, you can use the dryer sheets to soften them before scrubbing them. Simply lay them over the tricky spot and spray it down with water in a spray bottle. Allow the product to sit for 10 to 40 minutes, which will soften the grime. Then, grab a sponge with some soap and water in it, and use it to wipe away the food and remaining product. This hack works because dryer sheets are packed with conditioners that soften our laundry. These conditioners get transferred to the burnt-on grime, loosening its hold on the glass and making it easier to clear away.