Add A Touch Of Magic To Your Home With The Unique Orchid Martha Stewart Loves

It's no secret that Martha Stewart is full of gardening tips and tricks, and she showed off one of her favorite plants in an Instagram post – Dendrochilum magnum orchids. Alongside the photos, Stewart wrote, "Before my August trips I spent a few days grooming. Repotting. Rearranging my orchid collection in the big glass house in Bedford. That work paid off and orchids are blooming profusely I love these wild and curious beauties adorning my home."

Originating from the Philippines, this particular variety of orchid has a strong smell, with each flower blooming for approximately two to four weeks. Dendrochilum magnum orchids can also be successfully cared for indoors, making them the perfect houseplant if you don't have much outdoor space. If you like the grand, sweeping look of Stewart's orchid collection, here's how to start growing your own to fill the room with the sweet and slightly spicy scent of the Dendrochilum magnum orchid.

Grow your own gorgeous orchid garden with these tips

Once you have planted your orchid, you'll find it easy to look after your new plant baby. Dendrochilum magnum orchids actually prefer the shade, hence why they're such a good choice for an indoor houseplant, and bloom in diffused or indirect rather than full sunlight. As with most plants, humidity will help your orchid to grow faster. When it comes to watering, never over-saturate this variety of orchid — think damp instead of wet — and ensure you don't let it dry out.

A downside of Dendrochilum magnum orchids is that they can be expensive to buy due to them being on the rarer side. They also grow into a large plant, so you might want to reconsider if you live in a small space or don't have an area suitable for a big orchid. Still, they're relatively low maintenance and beautiful to look at, so they're well worth looking into if you want a unique-looking plant.