TikTok's Paper Towel Holder Trash Bag Trick Is A Hassle-Free Game Changer

If there's one thing we all dream of having in our homes, it's eternal storage space. When too many items are crammed in the cabinets underneath the sink, you know it's time to make some changes. While there are many ways to maximize storage space in your home, one effortless way to increase space is eliminating any bulky product boxes. Although they are easily stackable, removing the items on top requires more effort when you need to grab something from the bottom. You can organize your cabinets with cubbies, but they're never designed large enough to hold bulky boxes.

One item that's great at taking up storage space is trash bags. They're snowballed together, making it easy to pull one out when needed, but the box it's stored in takes up a large area on any shelf. However, TikTok user @hellobello developed the best hack to store trash bags using a paper towel holder. She threw out the cardboard box and expanded the space in her cabinets.

Paper towel holders are multi-purposeful

When we think of paper towel holders, we usually only relate them to holding paper towels, but this hack shows us that they can also hold trash bags. All you need is a standing paper towel holder and that bulky box of trashbags you usually keep hidden under your sink. Then, pull the entire roll out of the box and slide the middle of it down the center of the paper towel holder. Then any excess bags on the roll can easily be tucked back in. This hack will just take up a small amount of space in your cabinet compared to the large space required for the trash bags' original box.

This hack is helpful because it not only increases space in the cabinet, it also provides a user-friendly experience of pulling bags off neatly (instead of the cluttered mess that sometimes comes with pulling bags out of a box) and an aesthetically pleasing yet affordable way to store trash bags. You can use almost any paper towel holder as long as the trash bags fit. While this tutorial uses a gold wire paper towel holder for her trash bags, you can find similar ones at Dollar Tree for $1.25.