Whatever Happened To Jax Sheets Bedsheets For Men After Shark Tank Season 12?

There are plenty of things young men are known for, but washing their sheets as often as they should isn't one of them. After hearing the surprising statistic that single men only wash their sheets once every three months on average, Wen Muenyi decided to develop a product that can help to reduce the negative impact of this bad habit: Jax Sheets. Instead of being made of plain cotton or polyester like other types of bedsheets, Jax Sheets are comprised of a unique antibacterial blend of bamboo and copper fibers, meaning they can go longer between washes without smelling.

This product — or at least the three-month statistic — makes for a fairly memorable "Shark Tank" pitch, but the most standout part of Muenyi's Season 12, Episode 13 appearance was his pleasant personality and refreshing honesty while looking for investors in his brand. Unfortunately, however, running a successful business requires more than simple charm, and Mueyni had quite a ways to go on the business side of his idea.

Jax Sheets on Shark Tank

Jax Sheets' founder Wen Muenyi began his pitch to the stars of "Shark Tank" by asking for $212,000 in exchange for 10% equity, which valued his business at over $2 million. After sharing his product and the science behind it, however, it was clear the potential investors were still interested despite the hefty ask. He also revealed that he has a secondary business that sells both underwear and T-shirts that utilize similar fabric blends and technology called HercLéon, but it looks like the sheets were the primary focus.

All the Sharks liked Muenyi's idea, but they seemed to love his personality even more. Both Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec declined to invest because they wanted Muenyi's brand to stay 100% his own and not be corrupted by additional investors, and the other three Sharks eventually dropped out because it seemed like the financial side of the business needed more development. They did, however, suggest Muenyi returned in a later season to pitch his idea again once he had better footing.

Jax Sheets after Shark Tank

Jax Sheets might not have gotten a deal on "Shark Tank," but it doesn't mean the founder didn't continue putting work into the business and selling products. HercLéon, the brand under which Wen Muenyi first sold his antibacterial apparel line, now acts as an all-encompassing brand for both the bedding and clothing sides of the business. In addition to sheets, the brand began selling duvet covers, comforters, anti-aging pillowcases, anti-aging face masks, crib sheets, and towels.

Muenyi's primary reason for asking the Sharks for additional funding was to work on increasing inventory to be able to fulfill more orders, but it appears that he found another way to get things moving. Even though his pitch didn't result in a deal, there's a high chance that appearing on "Shark Tank" gave Jax Sheets and HercLéon the publicity necessary to draw in new customers and push past the hump of only fulfilling orders through the company's Kickstarter campaign.

Is Jax Sheets still in business?

Currently, Jax Sheets appears to be in business and doing well, though it hasn't shared anything on social media since 2021. The product is available for sale exclusively through HercLéon, so it looks like Wen Muenyi has combined everything into one large business and is focusing more on bedding than T-shirts and underwear. Rather than simply offering one kind of sheet, the brand has also been experimenting with different fabrics that prioritize different things, like hygiene, comfort, and cooling for the warmer months of the year.

A Jax Sheets set in the classic hygiene and comfort material shown on "Shark Tank" costs $229 for a queen bed on the HercLéon website and includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases. It still looks like the brand is struggling with order fulfillment, however, as customers are limited to two sheet sets per order, regardless of size, material, or color.

What's next for Jax Sheets?

According to his LinkedIn profile, Wen Muenyi is also the co-founder of a sleep technology company called Rheabelle, but both companies are involved with developing and selling Jax Sheets. Because HercLéon is no longer active on social media, it's difficult to tell what products and technology it's working on behind the scenes, but it looks like the team behind the brand is still primarily focused on growing its reach, finding new customers, and fulfilling orders rather than exploring new territory.

"Now, we're fully committed to its vision of a future where our innovation improves people's lives and influences positive change with other bedding companies," the brand said in a statement on its website. "We believe that in the future, everyone will sleep on HercLéon sheets at least once in their lives at home or in a hotel, cruise ship, flight, hospital, the army, space, or somewhere where people sleep."