This IKEA Sneaker Wall Is The Freshest Hack TikTok Has Shown Yet

There's no denying sneakers are incredibly popular, with brands such as Nike raking in over $29 billion annually from the product, according to Statista, reflecting an incredibly high demand. In fact, some shoes even sell out within minutes — crazy, right? If you're an avid sneakerhead, you may be running out of space to store your beloved sneaker collection. Thankfully, one hack by @jazmynnnr on TikTok shows how you can create your own sneaker wall using a simple IKEA LACK wall shelf unit. By using this one simple item, you'll be able to store multiple shoes stylishly without worrying about mess.

This makes it a perfect solution for those with multiple pairs of sneakers who want to free up space in their closet or another area of their home. Even if you're not running out of storage, this hack is still a great way to transform a blank wall canvas into something more impactful, such as in an office or your bedroom.

Purchase a LACK wall shelf unit

To recreate this iconic IKEA sneaker wall, you'll need to purchase two LACK wall shelf units. However, if you need more shelves, you can purchase more. It will all depend on how many shoes you want to put on display. You will also need some screws, brackets, and a drill if you plan to attach them to your wall. Now you have everything you need; you can begin by assembling your LACK shelf per the instructions before either propping it against your wall or attaching it using your drill and screws. Of course, it's always a good idea to plan exactly where your shelf will go beforehand. Once it's secure and in place, it's time to create your sneaker display. Simply take your shoes and arrange them however you feel best, whether that's color coordinated or in pairs — the choice is all yours. You can even incorporate a mirror in the middle to add extra flair. Now, you should be left with an easier way to organize all your shoes in a trendy fashion.

However, why does the shelf work so well? Due to its design, it allows for plenty of storage space while providing a modern and clean look, helping to create a minimalist yet fresh sneaker display. While it looks great, you should always ensure it is securely fitted so it doesn't topple over. Not only would this ruin your shoe display, but you could hurt yourself, too.