Try TikTok's Viral Hack To Make Blocked Drawer Fronts More Accessible

There are moments when we question a home's design, especially when it comes to the kitchen's layout. While you might win big with a small kitchen that provides more storage than you expected, some cabinets or drawers are placed awkwardly. For example, maybe you can't fully open one of them because something is blocking the way. In TikTok user @buildingbrigade's video, he showed a drawer that was unable to open all the way because the fridge created a barrier. However, he made a simple change by adding a feature to the drawer's front so that it could slide out of the way.

Improper placement of appliances is a major issue in a kitchen layout that causes frustration for the homeowner. If you can't completely access a cabinet or drawer, you likely won't bother using it, leaving it empty. Even though you can spend time and money on a kitchen reconfiguration to improve the layout of the cabinets, drawers, or appliances, it can be expensive. So, instead of spending thousands on a remodel, you can use this sliding drawer hack to put the awkward spot to good use. 

Transform a single sliding drawer to multi-sliding

This TikTok home-building helper used a straightforward tool to help gain access to the trapped drawer by the fridge: a ball-bearing drawer slide. This is typically used on the side of the drawer to pull it out effortlessly. But here, it's placed behind the drawer's face. Ideally, you'd pull out the drawer right before it hits the fridge and then slide the handle sideways to prevent the edge of the front from hitting it. This allows you to fully extend the drawer and access the entire inside. Once you're done, simply slide the drawer and handle back into place with ease. You won't have to worry about scraping the fridge, and when closed, it looks like a typical drawer. This maximizes the storage space in your small kitchen while keeping a seamless look.

There were many comments on @buildingbrigade's video that liked and disliked the idea. One user said, "This video saved a very big drawer in my newly remodeled kitchen. Contractor didn't measure correctly for stove. I showed him this video and they did it." However, other followers didn't love the idea of the sliding drawer, claiming the drawer would still scuff the fridge if it were left slightly open. But, one user highlighted a unique benefit saying, "Ah yes! Put the good snacks in it and don't tell the children how it slides open. Total win!"