The Dangerous Security Mistake New Homeowners Should Avoid Making At All Costs

When moving into a new home, it's practically a rite of passage to take some snaps of you posing in front of your front door or unpacking boxes. If you're a homeowner, you probably think you've taken precautions against common security risks, like installing cameras to track packages being delivered and alarms to catch burglars in the act. However, that adorable photo of you opening the door to your new place could actually be a major security risk thanks to technology that allows people to take the outline of your house keys and replicate them.

Because of this, it's inadvisable to take a photo of yourself or any part of your home that can be easily researched or tracked — think your door, your keys, or even the front windows. You may think you know everyone who follows you on Instagram and who you're friends with on Facebook, but it only takes one person with bad intentions to see a photo of your keys, upload it, and get their own set that can then be used to enter your home.

Avoid putting yourself in a precarious security situation

You may think that posting a photo of your new house keys from far away is okay, but the bad news is that this can still be dangerous. Certain apps allow you to zoom in and get a clearer picture, which, again, can then be used at a key-cutting service. It may be a cute idea, and we're not saying to stop taking them altogether, but it's best to keep those new home photos for friends and family instead of posting them on your social media.

In the same vein as not posting key photos, make sure you never take photos in front of your outdoor or indoor security system. While they do make your home more secure, it's usually impossible to know whether someone has been watching your house to discern when you're likely to be in and when you're out. Taking a photo in front of your alarm system will give burglars extra leverage to figure out what kind of system it is and how to disable it. Moving into a new home brings heaps of memories, but by keeping these memories documented privately, you're keeping yourself and your family safe.