Disguise Your Essential Oil Diffuser As A Bubbling Cauldron This Halloween

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Arguably, Halloween has some of the best decorations. Many people love getting creative and using inexpensive finds to make decor that evokes a creepy mood. So it's no wonder that a bubbling cauldron DIY went viral on social media. Instagram user @ourwintonhome used an oil diffuser and a plastic cauldron to create a simple but spooky indoor Halloween decor piece. To complete this project, they inserted their oil diffuser into a plastic cauldron to create the effect of a potion bubbling over onto the countertop.

If you want to complete this DIY, you'll only need a few items. The exact plastic cauldron that's used in the Instagram reel is sold out, but there are similar versions of various sizes for sale on Amazon for around $10 to $15. Many party and craft stores also sell plastic cauldrons around Halloween. You'll also need an oil diffuser — you could buy one from SACATR that's sold on Amazon and has color-changing lights that will give the decor an extra creepy glow. Finally, you'll need a drill and your favorite scent of essential oil to finish this fun DIY project.

Create your own witchy brew

This easy bubbling cauldron decoration is the perfect addition to a tablescape or the corner of a countertop. The first step is to create a hole in the bottom or side of your plastic cauldron for the cord of the oil diffuser. Connect the cord to the diffuser before placing the entire device into the cauldron. Be sure that the oil diffuser is smaller in diameter than the opening of the cauldron so that it's easy to insert and remove. The diffuser also needs to be shorter than the cauldron so that it's not visible over the top. Once you've added your essential oil drops, placed your diffuser inside the cauldron, fed your cord through the hole, plugged it into an outlet, and turned it on, this DIY is complete.

Choosing a diffuser that changes colors is a great idea, as this will add a unique element to your decorative item. If it does change colors, choose a Halloween shade like orange or purple. On the other hand, if you already own a diffuser that doesn't have a built-in LED light, no need to worry. You can add LED puck lights inside the cauldron as well to give your piece that mystical element. A set of three can be bought on Amazon from UNIWA for about $13. This option is great because they're remote-operated and can be changed to a variety of colors.