Michaels Electric Halloween Decor Line Has The Internet Buzzing

Michaels rarely disappoints each year as the spooky season rolls around, offering up a huge selection and wealth of styles to fit any Halloween aesthetic. While they are often known for their more country-inspired accents, they recently shook things up with new collections including a haunted garden vibe featuring pastel shades, and witchy elements.  A line of neon-infused offerings they call Electric Halloween, however, has captured the interest of TikTok. Users like @hauntina are showing off the selection of neon color-infused accents like pumpkins, Halloween word art, ghosts, black cats, and more.

Even better, many of the pieces in the Electric Halloween are glow-in-the-dark. The guiding colors of the collection are neon shades of orange, green, and pink. These look amazing when accompanied by backlights, which cast an eerie and whimsical glow over everything they touch. Most of the pieces work great both indoors or out to create a fresh, shocking, and contemporary feel.  

This decor is shockingly colorful

Michaels' Electric Halloween collection created by Ashland is awash in rich, color-saturated shades against backdrops of white and black. The merchandise ranges from the cute and cozy to the highly gruesome, with imagery involving black cats, bats, eyeballs, and jack-o-lanterns. While orange and green are Halloween standards, this line turns up the color a few notches with vivid pink and white neon ceramic pumpkins or a glowing green table lantern

Throw pillows abound, including this striped Trick or Treat pillow and this shockingly bright fluffy orange round pillow covered in bats. There are also novel and creative accents like a neon pom pom wreath and a little black cat figurine. Frighten and delight your visitors with neon-drenched statements like "Be Our Ghost", "EEK!", and "It's Not A Haunted House, It's a Haunted Home."  Eye-catching and colorful, these pieces are ideal for anyone looking to amp up the color on their seasonal décor.