Make Your Scratched Hardwood Floors Look Brand New With One Genius Sharpie Marker Hack

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Hardwood floors are one of the classiest flooring options you can choose, whether made out of solid or engineered hardwood. These floors are a great way to add a cozy feeling to your home while maintaining sophistication. Unfortunately, they're also prone to getting scratched, scuffed, and marked up, which can make the surface appear worn. If you're battling a scratch on your hardwood floor, you can fix it with a unique hack that uses just a black Sharpie marker and an alcohol prep pad. Basically, you'll fill in the scratch with the marker, allow it to dry, and then wipe over it with the alcohol prep pad.

There are plenty of reasons why your hardwood floors may be covered in scratches. Perhaps your dog's nails are quite long or maybe you rearrange furniture frequently. Marks and dings can also be caused by heavy items accidentally falling onto the wood surface. Regardless of the source, you don't need worry about how you're going to afford repairing that section of your floor. Instead, you can follow the simple Sharpie marker hack and have that scratch gone in no time.

How to easily hide the scratch

It's probably hard to believe that you can cover up a hardwood floor scratch with a Sharpie marker and an alcohol prep pad, but this hack could actually work on your floors. Following this video by TikTok DIYer @diywoodworks0, use your black Sharpie to line the scratch until all of it is covered with the permanent ink. Let it dry, then wipe off the extra ink with the alcohol prep pad. While the comments were split on if this hack actually works, it may be worth a try, especially since it's so inexpensive.

However, if you're worried about using a black Sharpie marker on a lighter-colored surface, you could use a wood marker that matches the color of your floor instead. For instance, the RamPro furniture repair 12-piece marker and crayon set that's sold on Amazon is easy to use. Apply them just like you would with a black Sharpie, except you won't need the alcohol prep pad. Just let them dry and your floors will look as good as new. Of course, this simple hack is also only beneficial for small scratches. If your surface is severely damaged, you may want to look into a more extensive hardwood floor repair